Azure PlayFab Feature Video Series

The PlayFab Feature Series consists of short videos to introduce the sampling of many PlayFab features

April 28, 2022
Azure PlayFab Feature Video Series

Developing a video game is super complex, and Azure PlayFab makes that process a lot easier so that game developers can focus on the fun. Today, PlayFab hosts more than 2.5 billion player accounts in over 5000 games and powers some of today's biggest titles like Roblox, Minecraft, DOOM, Halo, Forza, and No Man's Sky. Playfab's services support multiplayer environments across multiple platforms—including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and mobile—which means developers can use PlayFab to help unlock cross-platform scenarios and experiences for their players.

Our goal at PlayFab is to be the platform of choice for creating and growing great games; we are in this business because we love games, and we love helping studios be more successful. That's why we are introducing short videos from PlayFab  aimed at introducing PlayFab's key features and benefits, each providing you with what you need to build and operate a live game for easy entry into the cloud. Each video in the series is hosted by the Engineer or Program Manager who works on the feature.

PlayFab Feature Series

We're kicking off the series with five short videos to introduce you to a sampling of the many PlayFab features.

Game Manager with McKenzie Elliot, Senior Program Manager, Xbox – One-stop shop for you to build, configure, and operate a game with LiveOps, Multiplayer Servers and Data Analytics.

Data Explorer with Monika Janas, Software Engineer, Xbox - Designed to let you quickly discover insights in your event data without requiring query language knowledge.

User Generated Content (UGC) with Wes Jefferson Ong, Program Manager, Xbox – PlayFab User Generated Content (UGC) empowers your players to create, upload, and search for moderated content.

PlayFab Party Network and Chat with Caroline Cai, Azure PlayFab Program Manager - A low-latency chat and data communication solution for cross-platform and cross-device multiplayer games.

Insights with Monika Janas, Software Engineer, Xbox – Completely managed data environment giving you instant access to your game's data without the need for additional engineering.

How to get Started:

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