Content Creation

Artwork and sound are important details that help immerse the player in your game.

Add graphics and audio to your game

Games are more than just code. Artwork and sound are important details that help immerse the player in your game, and we have tools to help you achieve the right level of detail.

Enhance your 3D audio

Achieve your artistic goals with wave-based acoustics that model effects like diffraction, portaling, and reverberation with the Project Acoustics engine.

Optimize 3D assets for any platform

All devices have variable graphic performance and all 3D data is different—so adapt your 3D assets to run smoothly on any platform with Simplygon, used either as a desktop application or a fully automated pipeline.

Optimize in-game physics

Access world-class physics solutions for video games and real-time collision detection and dynamics of rigid bodies in three dimensions with Havok Physics.

NPCs that intelligently react

Create characters that understand and intelligently react to the world around them with Havok AI’s navigation mesh generation, which provides real-time adaptive navigation within dynamic environments using a highly optimized runtime.

Design your game with UX best practices

Move to the next level with the Game UX Master Guide, brought to you by Microsoft’s partnership with veterans in the industry to cover design for 2D and 3D, fundamentals in UX design, and more in-depth topics.

Bigger and more intricate worlds

Create realistic worlds with intricate geometry, high resolution textures, and mesh shaders with the power of DirectX 12.