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Welcome to Xfest for Everyone, our premier technical learning event for game creators building for the Microsoft ecosystem.

Over the past 20 years, Microsoft has offered partners a private opportunity to deepen their technical knowledge of the Xbox branded ecosystem. Now, for the first time, we are inviting all developers to experience a selection of the talks from Xfest 2022.

What to expect at Xfest for Everyone

Xfest features in-depth talks ranging from foundational to expert level with session topics including:

  • Cloud solutions - Gain insights into the benefits of implementing new and updated cloud solutions for developing, producing, and operating your game.

  • Growing your business - Hear tips and strategies for increasing commercial success in production, business, and monetization.

  • Multiplayer best practices - Stay on the cutting edge of multiplayer services, networking, security, and live ops technologies.

  • Deepen functional expertise - Discover deeply technical talks about design, streaming, the Microsoft Game Developer Kit (GDK), and more.

The full selection of talks from Xfest 2022 contains additional proprietary information and requires an NDA. We invite you to discover more Xfest content and learn how to bring your game to the Xbox branded ecosystem by joining the ID@Xbox program today.

Triangles and Grids

Watch Xfest technical talks

Learn how to Develop, Distribute, and Grow your games.

  • Create bold, immersive game experiences that attract and engage players.

  • Build, deploy, and scale cross-platform online services to better run your game.

  • Reach millions by distributing and monetizing your games with Microsoft.

  • A selection of sessions presented in Japanese.

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Powering your games, empowering you to do more

Powering your games, empowering you to do more

Discover how Microsoft can help you develop, distribute, and grow your game.