Microsoft tools help you provide the best multiplayer experience possible.

Reach more players globally

Increasingly, games are building cross-network experiences so players can engage with each other from different identity domains, from Xbox Live to Steam. With proven stability, low latency, and server-to-player proximity, Microsoft tools help you provide the best multiplayer experience possible.

Choose how to manage and scale your game servers

Access different levels of management from Azure no matter how you want to scale your game servers, from deploying virtual machines yourself to using Azure Kubernetes Service for container orchestration.

Dynamically scale from 100 to 10,000,000 players

Take advantage of dedicated multiplayer servers that deliver low latency and high reliability—without the challenges of building, managing, and running servers at scale.

Authenticate and track players across devices

Let your players authenticate the way they want—from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and beyond, players can link their favorite accounts to enable roaming and recovery of game data.

Get closer to your players

Bring your games closer to your players and reduce latency for fast, responsive online gaming with the scale provided by Azure’s 56 global regions—more than any other cloud provider.

Ensure high availability through serverless computing

Simplify server management needs for games that are not impacted by latency with Azure Functions. Streamline complex, stateful coordination requirements for multiplayer servers with the Durable Functions extension.

Keep track of your players, wherever they are

Take advantage of the secure authentication of Xbox services to connect your players with your game across multiple devices and platforms.

Give your players secure in-game communication

Simplify the way you add flexible, inclusive, and secure low-latency chat and data communication and real-time multiplayer networking to your game with a set of cross-platform libraries and services.

Track, compare, and reward player success

Encourage interaction between players and make gameplay more meaningful by maintaining leaderboards in your game with player statistics.