Project xCloud

It’s your game, in front of more gamers, on more devices.

Game Stack motif, geometric shapes in Xbox green
Server rack with glowing lights and ports

Put the gamer at the center

Leverage the power of the cloud to run your game on any device, enabling you to reach and grow your gamer community in new ways, with no need to change your code.

Three different games showing on laptop, big screen, and phone with the Game Stack motif in the background

Experience game streaming today

Find out how you can join the preview and help us shape the future of gaming. Play Xbox games on your mobile phone or tablet.

Three different games showing on laptop, big screen, and phone with the Game Stack motif in the background

Your Xbox game is ready for streaming

If your game runs on Xbox today, it can stream on Project xCloud. No additional development required.

View inside of open metal hardware case with power supply, network ports, and circuit board showing
Person with headphones on over a beanie looking at a screen with code on it

Project xCloud uses familiar tools

Use the tools and experience you already have building for Xbox, and make your game even better for your streaming players.

Think about touch controls for streaming

Using touch controls has become a natural way for mobile gamers to interact. Project xCloud provides tools which enable you to add custom touch controls and develop native touch experiences for your game.

Visual of a game driving a red Honda with "HORIZON" on the license plate
Playing Gears of War on a mobile device with an Xbox controller

Optimize your game for streaming

You have a vision for how your game is meant to be played, but consoles and mobile devices have a different feel from one another. Learn how to optimize your title so it feels perfect no matter the device.

Dark themed map of Earth with small blue lights shown single or clustered here and there

Reach a global audience

Project xCloud is powered by Microsoft Azure. Leveraging Azure’s 54 global regions – more than any other cloud provider – Project xCloud brings you closer to your gamers.

XDK Console with dark background

Try the new Cloud Aware APIs

The SDK provides you the set of APIs, tools, and capabilities to start optimizing your game for streaming on Project xCloud.

Touch adaptation graphical guidelines showing on a smartphone screen

Optimize your game for mobile devices

Use the Touch Adaptation Kit to improve the experience of your players by mapping a touch overlay to the existing controller input that your game already supports.

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