Welcome to Season 3 of The Art of LiveOps

In each episode we sit down with game creators working at the cutting edge of LiveOps

April 15, 2022
The Art of LiveOps Season 3 is here! New episodes every Tuesday starting April 26th

Welcome to Season 3 of The Art of LiveOps!  We're excited to deliver Season 3 and continue to expand talking to people in the industry. Developers of successful live games focus on understanding their players, meeting their individual needs, and cultivating long-term relationships. This is what we call LiveOps. 

It's an exciting time to work in games. The barriers that prevent people from playing together are coming down. With cross-platform engines, cross-network services, and game streaming, the industry is on a path to bring games to any screen at any time. Cloud gaming connects players across the globe, automatic translation tech transcends language, and accessible hardware and software strive for inclusion. 

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Now more than ever, everyone can play together. Games are shifting from one-off experiences to services that evolve. Expanding on our LiveOps journey, we have filled Season 3 with valuable insights and experience from a wide variety of guests. We're exploring unique voices within the games industry with guests from Immersyve, Probably Monsters, Microsoft, Zenimax, Supersocial Games, Rare, Bungie and more.   

Here are just a few of the subjects we'll tackle this season: 

How to operationalize your data insights to make design decisions  

Using LiveOps to explore player habits in mobile gaming 

Growing your community around your game 

Implementing UGC into your games 

How to organize your teams to address live feedback 

The importance of giving players consistent growth with calendarization and live events 

Developers' perspectives on game economies, NFTs, and the metaverse 

How industry veterans transitioned from boxed products to LiveOps 

And much more! 

Remember it's never too late to start! You can still gain a lot of benefit from adding LiveOps regardless of where you are in your development timeline.   

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See you in Season 3!