Azure Game Production Pipeline: Create Games on the Cloud

Replace your local workstations with the Game Development VM or migrate the whole pipeline to Azure.

August 02, 2022
Azure Game Development game production pipeline available now

Microsoft Azure has launched the Game Development Virtual Machine to the general public today. The Game Dev VM is a core component of the Azure game production pipeline. The Azure game production pipeline enables game creators to create their games end-to-end completely on the cloud without powerful local machines and infrastructure.  The Game Development VM comes preinstalled with game engines, remote desktop solutions, as well as asset management, build tools and services like Perforce and Incredibuild. Game creators can choose to extend and scale parts of their existing game production infrastructure, or they can go fully cloud native and take full advantage of the power and scalability of the cloud.

Previously, game creators had to manage their own local infrastructure, including hardware and security. They also had to move their workstations physically with them and upgrade them manually if needed, which took some time and resources.

With the Azure game production pipeline, a developer can create an instance of a game development workstation or a build node using Azure Game Development Virtual Machine  in a matter of seconds. They can also upgrade their hardware and scale it up or down whenever they need to with just a couple of clicks. The VM is preinstalled with game development and production tools and can be connected to their Perforce repository and their build infrastructure instantly. Their work can move with them whenever they go, with fast and close-to-zero latency thanks to remote desktop partners like Parsec and Teradici. Developers can also have peace of mind knowing that their data is stored, managed, and secured by an enterprise grade cloud.

All you need to start using the Azure game production pipeline is a free Azure account. You might also need to manage your quotas to enable GPU-based VMs like the Game Development Virtual Machines.

"We at Microsoft are excited to be providing game creators from around the world access to cloud-based game development workstations using the Azure Game Development VM. This product will enable teams to quickly and securely spin up a functional game dev workstation or build a server in minutes from nearly any location and scale those resources as their games and studios grow," said Microsoft Gaming Ecosystem CVP Kevin Gammill. "I am thrilled to be releasing products that empower and meet game creators no matter where they are and am excited to see what innovative and immersive experiences game creators create using our VM."

You can start your cloud game development journey and build your game production pipeline right now starting with the Azure Game Development Virtual Machine documentation. You can also check out the documentation for the Azure game production pipeline to see the different ways you can architect your cloud native or hybrid production pipeline on Azure.