Satya Nadella meets the next generation of UK game makers

Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO reaffirmed our commitment to supporting the next generation of games industry talent.

September 28, 2022
photograph of Satya Nadella talking to someone on a stage

Last week, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella joined an Xbox Academy workshop designed to support and inspire an audience of aspiring game developers from all across the UK.

In partnership with Into Games and Catch 22, Microsoft's Xbox Academy hosted a free two-hour workshop in London, during which a panel of games industry specialists shared their expert knowledge and advice with young people, many of whom come from hard-to-reach or under-represented backgrounds.

"It's fantastic to see an event like this, and a group like this coming together," Satya told attendees during his fireside chat. "To build a great game, you need to start by saying let's attract a whole diverse group of people to get into this industry and be part of the teams that are creating these games."

Satya was joined by Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan and Executive Producer Louise O'Connor, both of whom reflected upon their own careers and echoed the commitment by Xbox to foster talent in great studios that, in turn, make great games wherever, whenever, and however players want to play.

To learn more about Satya's visit to the Xbox Academy, head over to Microsoft News Centre UK.