Perforce Helix DAM is now available on Azure Marketplace

A new web-based UI layer built on top of Helix Core that simplifies the way artists and designers interact is now on Azure.

December 08, 2022
two robots facing each other with the word HelixDAM superimposed over them

Helix Core, the scalable versioning engine from Perforce, has become an essential part of the game production pipeline for many AAA game studios, so we are excited to announce that beginning today Helix Digital Asset Management (DAM) will be available as a service on Microsoft Azure.

Helix DAM is a new web-based UI layer built on top of Helix Core, a universal and highly secure repository, that simplifies the way artists and designers interact with a version control system. With Helix DAM, teams can streamline the process of storing, finding, using, repurposing, reviewing, and sharing creative assets — including 2D, 3D, audio, and video files.

A common problem for any game studio — whether they are indies, AAAs, or somewhere in between — is the amount of time that is wasted creating a creative asset again and again because it is “faster” than locating and repurposing it. Helix DAM is built to help studios secure all their creative assets in a single location and make them easily findable via the same platform. It does this by providing teams with a visually searchable library that automatically generates thumbnails and adds tags to make searching easy and intuitive.

As game design is no longer confined to a single location or a single team, Helix DAM makes sharing work with both partners and remote collaborators secure and easy. It enables teams to add external collaborators to projects and provides them with access to only the assets they need. In addition, Helix DAM generates URLs for those who only need quick access to the assets that teams are working on.

With the proper permissions, Helix DAM makes these assets viewable by any member of the team, without requiring any special software to preview and review assets — even 3D. This helps teams maximize the use of the creative work of their artists and designers, speeds up delivery times, and provides teams with the opportunity to iterate on even more critical parts of the project.

“Having something like Helix DAM, where you can search in an intelligent way and easily locate information, saves us a considerable amount of time,” said ICVR Co-Founder Chris Swiatek

"The makeup of game development teams has continued to evolve and now includes additional artists, designers, and non-development personas. While these creatives are invaluable to studios, their workflows have been kept separate. That is why we developed Helix DAM,” said Perforce CEO & President Mark Ties. “Helix DAM brings artists and designers into the fold arm in arm with their technical counterparts to streamline creative workflows.”

Helix DAM requires a connection to a deployed instance of Helix Core. You can deploy Helix Core on Azure by following these steps, as well as deploy Helix DAM straight from the Azure Marketplace. You can learn more about Perforce’s Helix DAM here, as well as try a live demo right here