Empower Your Unreal Engine Development with the latest UE Integrations in Visual Studio 2022

Learn more about how to stream Unreal Logs, see Unreal Header Tool warnings in Visual Studio, and discover how you can be more productive working with HLSL files.

March 29, 2023
An image of four characters from Sea of Thieves

Since our initial announcement of Unreal Engine integration in Visual Studio, we've been working hard on new features made especially for game development. We're excited to share how these next set of features will elevate your game development workflow. In today’s article on the C++ Blog, you'll learn about how to stream Unreal Log in Visual Studio, see Unreal Header Tool warnings in Visual Studio, and boost your HLSL editing experience for maximum productivity.

For detailed information on these features, please read the full announcement on the C++ Blog.

Feedback Wanted!

The Visual Studio team has been working hard to enhance your game dev productivity experience throughout Visual Studio 2022. These features are only a sneak peak of what we have in store for you. We will continue to build Unreal Engine integrations throughout Visual Studio 2022 based on your feedback. Please talk to us on Developer Community, Twitter (@VisualC), or via email at visualcpp@microsoft.com