PlayFab Launches Game-Changing Churn Prediction Service into Public Preview for Game Creators

A powerful predictive model, harnessing the scale of Azure Synapse and the power of Azure Machine Learning, built for specifically Game Creators.

March 22, 2023
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What if you could identify and take actions to retain Players before they leave your game? With PlayFab’s newest public preview feature, now you can.

PlayFab is excited to present to you its first predictive service to Identify and Mitigate Churn for players in your game.

As gaming business models continue to evolve and as we continue to see explosive growth of the Game-as-a-Service (GaaS) model, successful games are with players for longer spans of time than ever before. This extended life of games with their player communities has further emphasized the importance of having best in class player retention strategies.

At PlayFab, we have the unique opportunity of being able to build cloud-based services for Game Creators within Microsoft and in tight collaboration with Azure. That's why we're excited to bring this service made for creators by creators, and built on Azure Synapse, powered by Azure Machine Learning to GDC 2023 in Public Preview!

Here's how it works: we use players and title data to generate scores for each eligible player, which are then categorized as high, medium, or low risk of churn. Once you've identified potential churners, you can take action using pre-built mitigation strategies like sending notifications or granting virtual currency. You can also create customized solutions using Azure functions. And to make sure your strategies are effective, you can use PlayFab's Experimentation tool to test their impact.

Best of all, PlayFab's Churn Prediction service is an all-in-one solution that requires no additional integration or code changes. Simply enable the feature on your PlayFab title and wait 48 hours for us to generate scores.

We are excited to get this solution in the hands of more creators to begin using it which is why we are excited to let you try the solution for Free until May 1! You can get started by logging in to your PlayFab Account and Enabling the feature within the Segmentation pane on your title! If you don’t have a PlayFab account, you can create it here (which is also free to try).

Throughout our Public Preview of Churn Prediction, we will be sharing additional information on how the solution works, as well as some of the top churn mitigation strategies you can use with PlayFab. Check back with us in 2 weeks to see our first follow-up on how to use our Churn Prediction service with real-life scenarios and use-cases.

To find out more details, see a demo and find out how to get in touch with us about this new feature, check out our video:

‘Stop Losing Players! Engage and retain your players with content they’ll love using Azure PlayFab ML-Powered Churn Prediction solution.’

See you on PlayFab!