Data connections: Now with expanded Azure region support

Data connections now allows you to export data to all supported Azure regions.

May 26, 2023
Azure Data connections Hero image

At PlayFab, we are all about empowering creators. Whether it is through best-in-class data ingestion or through robust data actions, or simply making it easy for you to combine your in-game data with your organization’s data. We know all too well that much of the power of your data can only be realized when it can be combined and analyzed, which is why we are continuing to invest in our data distribution features.

Our Data connections feature has just received an update that makes it even easier for game creators to take control of their data and land it where it needs to be in order to extract value from it. Our Data connections solution, launched in December of 2022, enables the continuous near real-time distribution and ingestion of PlayStream and Telemetry data into your authorized storage resource in your Azure subscription.

Previously this feature was restricted to Azure US West region, but we are thrilled to announce to our creator community that Data connections is now supported in all Azure regions. This exciting expansion of functionality allows you to configure up to three Azure Blob or Azure Data Explorer Accounts in the region of your choice. Are you ready to get started with data connections? Check out our QuickStart guide. We want to hear from you! Your feedback is key to improving and optimizing the service and ensure we are prioritizing the upgrades most needed by you, the game developer.

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