Unity runtime on Arm-based Windows devices

With the launch of Unity 2023.1, developers using Unity can now target Arm based Windows devices for their titles.

June 05, 2023
Unity Arm Hero image

Today, on the Unity Blog, the Unity team announced that developers using Unity 2023.1 can now target Arm based Windows devices for their titles, and achieve native performance on devices that use the ARM64 processors. This opens up new possibilities for developers to create high-performance, immersive experiences on a wider range of devices. In the blog post, the team breaks down what is required to build games for Windows on Arm and offers a look at the future of Unity Editor support for the platform.

The post also dives deeper into the The Garden URP 3D sample scene that was showcased during Microsoft Build on May 24 during the breakout session, “Learn how to build the best Arm apps for Windows.” The sessions gave greater detail on how native runtime support for ARM64 substantially reduces CPU usage when compared to running via an Arm emulation layer.

For more information on using Unity to target Arm based Windows devices for your titles, head over to the Unity blog