Introducing Azure PlayFab Telemetry Keys: Unlocking the Power of Game Data Simplified!

Empowering game creators with even more control over data through our simplified telemetry ingestion, no authentication required.

September 28, 2023
Introducing Azure PlayFab Telemetry Key hero image

At PlayFab, we are all about helping you level up your in-game data to help to give your game that boost to unlocking success. We are always enhancing our data platform to give game creators more control over their data. Today, we are excited to announce our newest telemetry feature upgrade: Telemetry Keys. This feature update enhances our telemetry service, simplifying the way game creators can collect and then analyze their game's telemetry data.  

Our Telemetry Keys ingestion feature enables creators to streamline and accelerate game telemetry data collection and analysis by simplifying authorization to deliver critical game telemetry without first authenticating a player. This latest update will simplify the data flow by eliminating log-in events and their related read, write, and store while maintaining and delivering the necessary data to optimize game operations.  

The new Telemetry Keys feature works well with our existing services, like Data Connections and Data Explorer. With Data Connections, you can easily distribute game events in your preferred data storage and take control of your analytics. And with Data Explorer, you can gain quick ad-hoc insights into your telemetry data. When combined, it's like discovering a treasure trove of insights to supercharge your game's performance and captivate your players like never before!  

Get Started!

Check out our Telemetry Keys documentation for all the information you need to kick start your simplified telemetry.

We're always ready to listen, improve, and together, transform the way game data is analyzed and used, so we'd love to hear about your experiences and feedback on the PlayFab Forum