How Xbox is empowering, investing in, and supporting the next generation of game developers

Our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and technology makes Xbox the ultimate home for creators of all sizes.

November 20, 2023
Xbox Discovery Day New York City Hero image

Here at Xbox, we’ve got one primary goal: Letting people play the games they want, with the people they want, where they want. Creators play a huge role in helping fulfill that vision, so it’s imperative that we give developers of all sizes more choice and more opportunity than ever. Whether it's through our indie-friendly programs, developer tools, or access to a global audience, we want Xbox to be the platform where dreams take flight. This weekend, at our Xbox Discovery Day event in New York City, I had the chance to speak to dozens of young developers whose courage to think outside the box and challenge conventions is driving the industry forward.

We understand, however, that every journey begins with a single step, so we are dedicated to investing in the next generation of game developers by providing the necessary support and resources to nurture them during this pivotal stage of their budding career. I strongly believe that game developers are the lifeblood of the industry and that no single developer has a monopoly on great ideas.

The heart and soul of gaming lies with the many talented people who make the experiences we know and love, and gaming’s future is shaped just as much by the passionate and creative minds of indie talent as it is by the giants of the industry. We are dedicated to empowering and supporting game developers at every stage of their journey, from the smallest indie studios to the largest AAA teams. 

James Lewis speaking at Xbox Discovery Day in New York City
James Lewis speaking at Xbox Discovery Day in New York City

One way in which we’re invested in nurturing developer talent in very real ways is our recent launch of the Developer Acceleration program. This is an amazing program that’s designed to empower underrepresented creators with the resources and information they need to bring their creativity, innovation and originality to Xbox. In fact, A Space for the Unbound and Venba, two of the games in our DAP program, were both nominated in the Games for Impact category in The Game Awards.

Our commitment to inclusivity is another key reason why game developers find a welcoming home with Xbox. We're passionate about ensuring that the gaming world is a place for everyone by promoting gaming inclusivity. Our accessibility features, like the Xbox Adaptive Controller, allow all players, regardless of their abilities, to enjoy the magic of video games.

Furthermore, our dedication to diversity extends to our commitment to fostering diverse voices within the industry. The Xbox Game Pass program includes titles from independent developers worldwide, highlighting different cultures and perspectives. We're proud to be part of an industry that celebrates the unique stories and experiences that a multitude of voices can bring. We want Xbox to be for everyone, everywhere.

Xbox Discovery Day attendees with Jaye Watts of Coexist Gaming
Xbox Discovery Day attendees with Jaye Watts of Coexist Gaming

Technology also plays a huge role in fostering creativity and innovation, and Xbox has always been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of gaming technology. That’s why we’ve made a historic commitment to put the power of AI, Cloud and other technologies in the hands of creators of all sizes. A key element of our relationships with game developers is providing them with cutting-edge tools, such as our powerful Game Development Kit, Azure, PlayFab and more.

We understand that successful game development requires a supportive ecosystem across all the phases of the process – from pre-production to development to discovery, monetization and LiveOps. And we are here to help creators at every stage (including from the very start thanks to our industry orientation guide).

The gaming world is an ever-evolving, dynamic space and we recognize that the heart and soul of this world resides in the talented and passionate game developers who bring it to life. Our commitment to innovation, financial support, inclusivity, and diversity, along with an expansive ecosystem, makes Xbox the ultimate home for game developers. We’re committed to creating an environment where developers can focus on what they do best: Making amazing games.

Together, we can create experiences that will continue to captivate and inspire the world for generations to come. Let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible.