Black History Month: Xbox and Gameheads are Amplifying Black Voices in Gaming

This Black History Month, we’re sharing the importance of increased representation in gaming at Microsoft.

February 01, 2024
A stylized Xbox logo in recognition of Black History Month featuring a pink Xbox sphere surrounded by layers of graphic bursts, each filled with bold patterns including stripes, grainy texturing, and multicolored swirls.

Gaming has the power to bring people together. Earlier today, in an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Gaming Consumer Sales Dametra Johnson-Marletti shared how we're elevating Black voices and sharing the importance of increased representation in gaming at Microsoft this Black History Month. She wrote:

"Microsoft, Xbox, and gamers all benefit from increased representation on every level. Gamers from underrepresented communities will not only feel like their voices are heard, but have a greater opportunity to see themselves and their history in the characters they explore. As a more diverse population of employees and leaders assume a broader set of positions at all levels of the organization, employees from underrepresented groups will feel a greater sense of belonging and inclusion, such that they can bring their best and more authentic self to the workplace. Similarly, designing games that reflect the diversity of our world and incorporate authentic narratives based on our shared history can promote an understanding of different lived experiences and build unity through gaming. Overall, games are a powerful form of art and storytelling which can both preserve our rich history, especially those of people of color – and allow us to carry that into the future, as we look with hopeful expectation to a more inclusive world."

In addition, she shared the news that Xbox has partnered with Gameheads to showcase games created by students and are centered around Black history, Black experiences, and Black talent. Xbox also provided a donation to Gameheads to support their commitment to diversifying the pipeline in the gaming industry and empowering the next generation of game developers.

It was also announced that Microsoft Rewards members in the United States can now earn and donate points to organizations supporting Black communities with Xbox.

Then there are the games. During February and beyond, players can explore games curated by Black communities at Microsoft. You can play a variety of game collections highlighting Black creators, lead characters, and character creation options that include a variety of skin tones and inclusive hairstyles. There are also New Forza Horizon 5 Black History Month decals and a brand-new suite of Spartan customizations celebrating Black History Month in Halo infinite.

To learn more about how Microsoft and Xbox are recognizing Black History Month, read the full post on Xbox Wire.