Community Sift delivers good news for MSN

Community Sift’s Rule Impact Analyzer (RIA) delivered unprecedented accuracy and efficiency for MSN.

February 27, 2024
Community Sift GDC Session hero image is one of the top 50 most trafficked websites in the world.*  With high user volumes and a wide range of emerging news and cultural content, they need unprecedented speed and accuracy in reacting to emerging harmful trends.  MSN has trusted Community Sift to support their content moderation team for the past three years. The Community Sift platform has accurately classified millions of text comments made on news articles to keep their readers safe and focused on the news. A key part of this success is a unique feature called Rule Impact Analyzer (RIA), that enhances community health daily.  

What is RIA? It is used to assess the efficacy of classification Rules. RIA provides a snapshot, in real-time of how community members are interacting, and empowers Rule creators to adjust Rules accordingly and instantly.


  • Track new terms and words trending for topics like Hate Speech.
  • Compare the examples of a Rule within a specific timeframe.
  • Search up to 100 examples for a Rule to determine how it is applied within their community, in real-time.
  • See a snapshot of how to adjust the risk level appropriately for your community
  • Leverage insights to make Rule updates that will instantly keep your community safer than ever while ensuring the expressiveness that makes your Community special remains.
  • Exponentially reduce the time required to create quality Rules

MSN has seen outstanding results with the help of Rule Impact Analyzer. Their moderation team is able to make more informed moderation decisions in real time and see how existing rules changed over any amount of time with no wait. Not only are they getting fast results, they are seeing the risk level of comments at a glance, making it clear what changes or additional rules are needed. For the MSN team, the Rule Impact Analyzer has taken a day’s worth of work and turned it into an hour.

RIA is one of Community Sift’s most popular new features, helping customers reduce their workload and improve overall results. To learn more about RIA and how Community Sift can partner with you and your team to foster healthy, scalable, online communities contact our team today.

*, Sept 2022