Unlocking the Power of PlayFab Economy: Game-Changing Features for GDC 2024

Discover the power of PlayFab’s new game-changing features designed to enhance your in-game economies, improve performance, and maximize engagement.

March 18, 2024
PlayFab GDC 2024 Hero

As game developers, we understand the critical role that features play in shaping player experiences and driving monetization. At GDC 2024, we’re excited to showcase some powerful features from PlayFab that empower you to enhance your in-game economies, improve performance, and maximize engagement. Let’s dive into these game-changing capabilities:

Targeted Offers: Personalized monetization strategies

As a game developer, pricing is a delicate dance. Balancing profitability and player satisfaction is crucial. But what if you could customize prices for different player types? Enter Targeted Offers! This powerful feature, part of our Economy V2 platform, lets you create dynamic pricing strategies for each of your player segments. Test and optimize using our analytics tools to find the optimal price point for every player group. Level up your game with Targeted Offers!

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Limits Boosts: Turbocharging your API limits

We’re thrilled by your embrace of Economy V2 and its robust features. Yet, we understand that some of you grapple with API limits in the new system. Fear not—we’re here to smooth your transition from V1 to V2! We’re supercharging our Inventory and Catalog APIs to tackle throttling issues and compatibility challenges faced with V1. Whether you’re crafting flight simulators, thrilling looters, or addictive card games, we want your Economy V2 experience to shine. Boosted limits are just one way we’re enhancing our service to support you better. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements—it’s game on!

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Segment Actions: Empowering player experiences

You can now implement Actions for your Player Segments in Economy V2. Recognizing the significance of being able to offer a new player bundle or adjust their inventory post-promotional season, we’ve enhanced the platform to allow developers to implement actions seamlessly. With this latest update, developers can now execute actions directly from Segmentation, Rules, and Tasks. This means greater flexibility and control in customizing player experiences, ensuring that you can effortlessly grant rewards, modify inventories, or perform other targeted actions tailored to your player segments.

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[Private Preview] Catalog Views: Revolutionizing item loading

Your players deserve exceptional experience, but you also need to balance performance and costs. That’s where our new feature, Catalog Views, comes in! Catalog Views revolutionize how you load items by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to give you quick and easy access to your items, while caching them for better performance and lower costs. Plus, they help you cut down on search queries and optimize costs while ensuring a seamless player experience. With Catalog Views, you can customize, integrate, and optimize your item loading, while creating amazing games. Let Catalog Views do the work for you!

Learn more about PlayFab Economy V2 Catalog Views

[Public Preview] Turbo Loading: Streamlining inventory retrieval

We've been listening closely to your feedback, and we understand that having to make multiple GetInventoryItems calls can slow down your game performance and increase your complexity. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Turbo Loading, a new feature that lets you load your entire inventory collection in one go. With Turbo Loading, you can make a single call to the GetInventoryItems API and get up to your entire Catalog in the response. This will significantly improve your startup latency and performance. And the best part is, you’ll pay the same as before. We’ll bill you as if you’re loading 250 items per page, so you’ll save money and time.

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[Public Preview] Mobile Subscriptions: Enabling new business models

This update to our existing store redemption allows you to leverage the real-word subscription offers in Apple and GooglePlay stores. You can now link these to PlayFab in-game virtual subscriptions and then make anything in your catalog a potential subscription benefit. PlayFab inventory helps you parse the results of what a player owns (has purchased) or can access (has subscribed to).

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Closing statement

These are just some of the amazing features that PlayFab has to offer. Whether you want to create dynamic in-game economies, boost performance, or increase engagement, PlayFab has the tools and services you need to take your game to the next level. See you on PlayFab!

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Private Preview: Private Preview is a feature that allows you to access and test new PlayFab capabilities before they are generally available. To participate in the Private Preview, you need to opt-in by sending an email to PFEconomyPreviews@Microsoft.com making sure to include the Title ID of your game. By opting in, you agree to provide feedback and report any issues or bugs you encounter while using the Private Preview features.

Public Preview: Public Preview is a stage in which we, as PlayFab, release a feature in a preview stage into our publicly available services for users to test and provide feedback for. Unlike Private Preview, there is no need to opt-in to access the Public Preview features. However, you should be aware that the features in Public Preview do not necessarily reflect our generally available features' performance and will not adhere to our standard public SLAs. Therefore, we recommend that you use them with caution and not in production environments.

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