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Learn more about how we’re supporting game developers on any platform, anywhere in the world, at every stage of development.

May 07, 2024
GDC 2024 Hero image

In March, the Microsoft and Xbox teams returned to San Francisco for GDC 2024, the world’s largest game developer conference, to engage and empower developers, publishers, and technology partners across the industry. While there, we reaffirmed our commitment to supporting game developers on any platform, anywhere in the world, at every stage of development, by powering their games and empowering their teams.

In addition to onsite activities like our Lobby Lounge, our GDC efforts included sessions by dozens of speakers from across Xbox, Activision, Blizzard, King and Bethesda. During their talks, they demonstrated everything from in-game innovations to community-building strategies that could help developers of all sizes learn and adapt. Microsoft technology teams, with support from partners, also hosted sessions that spotlighted new tools, software, and services that can help increase developer velocity and grow player engagement.

Today, we’re excited to share videos of each of our sessions and talks from GDC 2024. To go to a specific session, hit one of the links below. If you want check out our whole GDC 2024 playlist in one spot, head over to our YouTube channel.

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Optimizing Game Development Workflows with Visual Studio and AI

All things Azure & OpenAI for Game Development

Keeping Online Communities Healthy

DirectX State of the Union Ft. Work Graphs and Introducing DirectSR

Minecraft Players at the Center of the Universe of Big Data

How PlayFab Helped Texas Chain Saw Massacre Succeed

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