Game Developers Conference 2023

Celebrate GDC 2023 by discovering innovative tools, fresh strategies, and new ways to succeed by making it easier to onboard into the Xbox ecosystem, accelerate development and scale to reach & retain more players.

From the Microsoft Game Dev blog

From the Microsoft Game Dev blog

GDC 2023 Sustainability Hero image

Xbox is the first console platform to release dedicated energy and carbon emissions measurement tools designed for (and with) game creators

Article // Mar 22, 2023

How Xbox, 343 Industries and Ubisoft are reducing energy & emissions while maintaining gameplay fidelity, including a first look at the Xbox Sustainability Toolkit for game creators.

Developer Acceleration Hero image

GDC 2023: Introducing the Developer Acceleration Program

Article // Mar 23, 2023

The program aims to empower underrepresented creators with the resources and information needed to bring their creativity, innovation, and originality to Xbox.

Rare Debugging Hero image

GDC 2023: Tips from Rare for Easier Debugging of Unreal Engine 5 Games Using Visual Studio

Article // Mar 23, 2023

Learn how the creators of Sea of Thieves benefitted from continued integrations with Unreal Engine in Visual Studio 2022.

GDC 2023 PlayFab Hero image

PlayFab Launches Game-Changing Churn Prediction Service into Public Preview for Game Creators

Article // Mar 22, 2023

A powerful predictive model, harnessing the scale of Azure Synapse and the power of Azure Machine Learning, built for specifically Game Creators.

GDC 2023 PlayFab Hero image

Introducing Azure PlayFab Economy v2: The Ultimate Solution for Game Developers to Drive Engagement and Monetization with In-game Economies

Article // Mar 22, 2023

Azure PlayFab Economy v2 offers game developers a comprehensive set of tools to build and manage in-game economies with ease.

GDC 2023 PlayFab Hero image

Playfab GDC 2023 Update: PlayFab Unveils New Tools for Game Monetization, Player Retention, and Game Development Kits

Article // Mar 22, 2023

This year at GDC we are thrilled to announce the release of three major features that address some of the biggest challenges for game creators.

GDC Speaker Spotlight image

GDC 2023: Meet the Speakers

Article // Mar 22, 2023

Game Developers Conference 2023 is here and we’re excited to introduce you to some of the speakers who are sharing their knowledge and expertise with creators everywhere.

Celebrating One Year of ID@Azure

Article // Mar 21, 2023

Since launching a year ago, ID@Azure has joined forces with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and has grown to support over 500 independent game developers, helping teams develop and launch their games using the cloud.

GDC 2023 Hero image

Xbox celebrates GDC by inviting game developers to discover innovative tools, fresh strategies, and new ways to succeed

Article // Mar 1, 2023

Onsite and online sessions spotlight how Microsoft makes it easier to onboard into the Xbox ecosystem, accelerate development and scale to reach & retain more players.

GDC 2023 Gaming for Everyone Hero image

GDC 2023: Gaming for Everyone Community Networking Lounge & Scholarship Program

Article // Feb 16, 2023

Gaming professionals across the video game industry are invited to join us for an industry reunion four years in the making.

Unreal Engine Visual Studio Hero image

Unreal Engine Integrations Now Available in Visual Studio 2022

Article // Feb 16, 2023

As of today, viewing Unreal Engine Blueprint references and adding UE classes are available without leaving Visual Studio.

Minecraft Customer Success Story Hero image

Minecraft’s WSL build time cut in half after working with Visual Studio C++ Team

Article // Feb 15, 2023

Learn more about how the Visual Studio C++ team delivered cross-platform solutions to help meet the Minecraft's teams specific needs.

Hero image for The Art of LiveOps post featuring Jay Jodway

The Art of LiveOps: Jay Jodway on how Roblox empowers collaborative creators

Article // Feb 4, 2023

A deep dive on how creators can embrace data in their LiveOps decision-making and what they can learn from mobile and console LiveOps.

Hero image for Black History Month Pathfinding feature

Pathfinding: Celebrating Black History Month

Article // Feb 1, 2023

A sneak peek at stories coming this February and a roundup of highlights from last year.

Hero image for Xbox Game Studios Game Camp Sweden

Register Now: Xbox Game Studios Game Camp is coming to Sweden

Article // Feb 1, 2023

Passionate creators in Sweden can now embark on a 10-week virtual journey to hone their game dev skills.

Hero image for The Art of LiveOps post featuring Tom Abernathy

The Art of LiveOps: Tom Abernathy talks narrative design

Article // Jan 31, 2023

Award-winning narrative director Tom Abernathy lays out for us how narrative functions within games, and why it’s so much more important than most people realize.

Pathfinding: How the team behind Sable found its 3D artist via Twitter

Article // Jan 27, 2023

Shanaz Byrne shares how she became a freelance artist and key contributor to the game Sable.

Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct showcases games coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass this year

Article // Jan 25, 2023

From Forza Motorsport to Minecraft, there's something for everyone this year.

Havok Physics for Unity is now production-ready to deliver next generation physics

Article // Jan 23, 2023

The package is ready with the availability of ECS for Unity in 2022.2 tech stream.

Pathfinding: How family legacies in architecture influenced the world of Sable

Article // Jan 20, 2023

Sable creators Gregorios Kythreotis and Daniel Fineberg discuss how they founded Shedworks and the journey to releasing their first console game.

Bring your game-changing idea to life at Imagine Cup 2023

Article // Jan 9, 2023

Dream It. Build It. Live It. Learn how to register for Imagine Cup 2023 and check in with the 2022 champions for advice about the competition.

Collage of people featured in the Pathfinding series in 2022

Pathfinding: The Year in Quotes

Article // Dec 21, 2022

A look back at the most insightful quotes from individuals featured in 2022.

Laura Hamilton Hero image

Pathfinding: Preparing Xbox games and devices for international markets

Article // Dec 16, 2022

Laura Hamilton, Senior Global Readiness lead, shares how she channels her love of cultures and languages into guidance for international game devs.

Helix DAM Hero image

Perforce Helix DAM is now available on Azure Marketplace

Article // Dec 8, 2022

A new web-based UI layer built on top of Helix Core that simplifies the way artists and designers interact is now on Azure.

Key art from Evil Dead: The Game from Saber Interactive

Success Story: How Saber Interactive used Azure to scale and launch Evil Dead: The Game

Article // Dec 7, 2022

A closer look at how Azure empowered Saber Interactive to bring one of horror's great franchises to players around the world.

ID@Azure Hero image

ID@Azure brings more resources and cloud benefits to Game Creators

Article // Dec 7, 2022

ID@Azure joins forces with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to bring increased cloud credits, more tools and resources to Game Creators.

Pathfinding Monisha Monikantarajan Hero image

Pathfinding: Helping Xbox Game Studios create safe and inclusive games

Article // Dec 6, 2022

Monisha Monikantarajan, Age Ratings & Safety Program Manager, describes how she partners with studios to create a better experience for players.

Pathfinding Eric Richardson

Pathfinding: Applying Marine Corps discipline to Xbox Game Studios data processes

Article // Nov 18, 2022

Eric Richardson, Program Manager on the Xbox Studios Services team, tells us how the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy helped him transition from the Marines to data and analytics.

Unite 2022 Keynote Hero image

Unite 2022 recap: DirectX 12, Ray tracing on Xbox, and more

Article // Nov 4, 2022

More of the future of Unity game development with Microsoft was revealed this week at its annual conference.

Gricelda Hernandez Hero image

Pathfinding: Using business skills to find great games

Article // Oct 31, 2022

Gricelda Hernandez explains how her love of helping small businesses grow eventually led to a role in ID@Xbox.

October GDK Release Hero image

The October Game Development Kit (GDK) is Available Now

Article // Oct 31, 2022

The October GDK release is an exciting one, with something for every type of game developer.

Unity Fireside Chat Hero image

A Fireside Chat with Unity’s Marc Whitten

Article // Oct 26, 2022

We talk to the GM of Unity Create Solutions about the company’s recently announced partnership with Azure.

Chris Douglas Hero image

Pathfinding: Changing lives with Xbox Game Studios Game Camp

Article // Oct 17, 2022

Chris Douglas shares his path to becoming a Business Program Manager and how he helps campers realize their dreams.

Albert Dankwa III Hero image

Pathfinding: Chasing a love for gaming to Xbox from Retail

Article // Oct 7, 2022

Albert Dankwa III on the importance of taking every opportunity to grow your network and share your passions.

PlayFab Party Hero image

PlayFab Party expands cross-platform play with new platforms

Article // Sep 30, 2022

Bring the party to even more platforms with PlayFab Party.

Satya Nadella at the Xbox Academy event

Satya Nadella meets the next generation of UK game makers

Article // Sep 28, 2022

Microsoft’s Chairman and CEO reaffirmed our commitment to supporting the next generation of games industry talent.

Pathfinding: Communication across disciplines is vital

Article // Sep 23, 2022

Learn how Naoko Takamoto navigated her career from contract musician to QA Lead to Senior Producer.

Azure PlayFab Economy v2 is now in Public Preview

Article // Sep 8, 2022

Check out the same cloud economy system that powers Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Flight Simulator.

Project Acoustics 3.0 is now available

Article // Aug 31, 2022

Build immersive audio experiences using the latest version of Project Acoustics with support for Unreal Engine 5.

Pathfinding: Designing music narratives at Xbox Game Studios

Article // Aug 12, 2022

Hear from Sr Music Supervisor Maya Halfon Cordova about how she contributes to storytelling in games through music.

Unity logo and Microsoft logo side by side with an x in the middle showing partnership

Microsoft and Unity Partner to Empower Creators with Azure

Article // Aug 8, 2022

Unity selects Azure as its cloud partner and enables creators to reach their audiences on Xbox and PC.

The June Game Development Kit (GDK) is Available Now

Article // Aug 4, 2022

The June GDK release is an exciting one, with something for every type of game developer.


Article // Aug 2, 2022

Get an opportunity to hear first-hand stories and experiences from our diverse Xbox teams.

Azure Game Production Pipeline: Create Games on the Cloud

Article // Aug 2, 2022

Replace your local workstations with the Game Development VM or migrate the whole pipeline to Azure.

ID@Azure Program Update

Article // Jul 28, 2022

A great start!

Pathfinding: From drums to Director of Licensing at Turn 10

Article // Jul 20, 2022

Discover how Kim Williams-Osborne transitioned from professional drummer to licensing for the Forza franchises.

Imagine Cup Champions Use Azure to Advance Robotic Rehab

Article // Jul 14, 2022

Imagine Cup winners Team V Bionic share how they are using Azure IOT Hub and the inspiration behind their project.

Azure PlayFab roadmap

Article // Jul 8, 2022

Here's the latest roadmap updates for PlayFab

Empowering Creators

Article // Jun 14, 2022

Sarah Bond, CVP, Game Creator Experience & Ecosystem, shares how Microsoft is helping creators.

Xbox is Building the Gaming Platform for the Next 20 Years

Article // Jun 9, 2022

At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, look at the amazing line-up of games coming to Xbox, PC, and cloud

Microsoft at GDC: Powering Games, Empowering Creators

Article // May 23, 2022

Microsoft is committed to powering games and empowering the game creators who make them across any platform.

Ability Summit 2022 - Image, Build, Include

Creating for everyone: How to make more accessible games

Article // May 9, 2022

Sarah Bond shares at the Microsoft Ability Summit why accessibility in gaming is so critical

Forza Horizon 5 crosses the finish line, fueled by AKS

Article // May 2, 2022

FH5 relies on autoscaling Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters to meet the most challenging performance demands.

Lana Lux: Twitch Live-Coder and Creator of Strain

Article // Apr 29, 2022

Meet Lana Lux, a game developer, designer, Twitch streamer and invested in an accessible, supportive community

Azure PlayFab Feature Video Series

Article // Apr 28, 2022

The PlayFab Feature Series consists of short videos to introduce the sampling of many PlayFab features

Welcome to Season 3 of The Art of LiveOps

Article // Apr 15, 2022

In each episode we sit down with game creators working at the cutting edge of LiveOps

Improving access to healthcare through games

Article // Apr 14, 2022

See the inspiring projects of Team En#Megical and Team Makara Tech, two of this year's Imagine Cup World Finalists.

Pathfinding: How Decoy Games inspired this series

Article // Apr 12, 2022

Meet Decoy Games founders Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah

Pathfinding: Career Advice from Women in Game Marketing

Article // Mar 30, 2022

A new blog series called Pathfinding, highlighting a diverse set of people across many disciplines.

Using Azure and neuroscience to improve visual accessibility

Article // Mar 29, 2022

Team VueForAll wants to see a more scientific, data-driven approach to addressing visual accessibility in gaming.

Escape the dungeon: A gamified approach to programming

Article // Mar 28, 2022

This pair of developers teaches young players the basics of programming through a game using flow charts.

Introducing ID@Azure: Your Journey in the Cloud Starts Today

Article // Mar 23, 2022

Today we are announcing a new program Microsoft has launched to help independent game creators use the cloud.

Start using Azure services with ID@Azure

Article // Mar 23, 2022

ID@Azure helps you focus on cloud-based solutions that make sense regardless of the type of game you are making.

ID@Azure: Level Up your Game Development with Azure PlayFab

Article // Mar 23, 2022

Developers in ID@Azure will receive two years of the PlayFab Standard Plan as well as free multiplayer services.

Microsoft + Perforce: Reimagining Game Production

Article // Mar 23, 2022

Perforce + Azure partnership on GitHub; announcing the new GitHub actions, recalling the Enhanced Studio Pack

Game Creation Cloud Adoption and The Azure Game Dev VM

Article // Mar 23, 2022

The Azure Game Dev VM opens the door for game developers to take full advantage of game production in the cloud.

Unreal Engine VMs on Azure: Latest in Realtime 3D Revolution

Article // Mar 22, 2022

By deploying a hosted virtual machine with Unreal Engine, the Azure cloud is your GPU.

How Hello Games uses Azure to bring No Man’s Sky to millions

Article // Mar 4, 2022

Our partners are using Azure to help them realise their dreams, and one such partner is Hello Games.

Parsec remote desktop is now available on Azure

Article // Feb 23, 2022

Parsec is a low-latency, high-performance remote desktop that connects teams to their projects wherever they are.

Variable Rate Compute Shaders on Xbox Series X|S

Article // Feb 22, 2022

This second talk from Martin is on Variable Rate Compute Shaders (VRCS) with a focus on Xbox Series consoles.

Azure DDoS Protection in Gaming: A Look at Attack Trends

Article // Feb 17, 2022

The gaming industry experienced an unprecedented level of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) activity in 2021.

How Simplygon Enables Large Scale Optimization in Flight Sim

Article // Feb 16, 2022

The vast view distances and detailed landmarks makes asset optimization strategy a very important part of the game.

The Fundamentals of Azure PlayFab

Article // Feb 16, 2022

Learn the basics of Azure PlayFab and how it can be used to makes games more engaging for players.


Spotlighting Brent Batas, founder & creator of Legion TD 2

Article // Feb 8, 2022

Our next ambassador profile puts the spotlight on Brent Batas, a designer, coder, and PlayFab expert.

Maciej Maj: PlayFab 'tutorialist' and maker of Tube Tycoon

Article // Feb 2, 2022

Maciej publishes Unity+PlayFab tutorials, makes his own games, and has almost 500,000 views as a content creator.

Extending PlayFab with a Match History

Article // Feb 1, 2022

In his last post, Johannes talked about extending PlayFab with Azure Functions. Here, he expands on this topic.

Meet Mandy Lowry, a game developer, coder, and co-founder

Article // Jan 31, 2022

Check out the experience of a talented, self-taught programmer that recently launched a new game.

Why should a single player game have a backend?

Article // Jan 19, 2022

How to use PlayFab Telemetry, Analytics, and LiveOps to extend the lifespan of your game and re-engage your players

How to transfer large files in a distributed environment

Article // Jan 14, 2022

Set up your modern game studio for file share sync with Azure

New Unreal GSDK Plugin simplifies Azure MPS deployment

Article // Jan 13, 2022

Using this new plugin, customers can more easily upload Unreal builds to MPS.

Meet engineer and indie studio founder Attilio Carotenuto

Article // Jan 7, 2022

Welcome to our series highlighting Game Dev Ambassadors! Our first ambassador spotlights Attilio Carotenuto.

How an indie went from rock bottom to making hit games

Article // Jan 4, 2022

Hear how James Stone made his long-time dream of making video games a reality.

Venturing deeper into the world of Simplygon SDK

Article // Dec 9, 2021

Poly is back in the park, with complete tutorials to help you get started navigating the Simplygon SDK.

Putting Your Game at the Center with Xbox Touch Controls

Article // Dec 2, 2021

Xbox touch controls unlock new ways for gamers to interact with their games, providing fans with even more choice.

Manage Events with Sampling on Azure PlayFab

Article // Nov 18, 2021

Sampling lets you to configure the percentage of events data that you want to receive in the title tenant database.

Announcing CloudScript using Azure Functions is now GA

Article // Nov 11, 2021

After over a year in public preview, CloudScript Functions is ready for primetime.

Microsoft & La Guilde – Azure PlayFab for Game Developers

Article // Nov 5, 2021

Hear how PlayFab provides the comprehensive ecosystem to empower creators to build, run, and nurture their games.

PlayFab Roadmap Update – November 2021

Article // Nov 3, 2021

Here is the latest coming from PlayFab for developers as we approach the end of the year.

Announcing Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming in Azure!

Article // Nov 2, 2021

The Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming solution on Azure is helping developers reach more people from nearly any device.

Microsoft acquires Two Hat, leader in content moderation

Article // Oct 29, 2021

We’re excited to announce Microsoft’s acquisition of Two Hat, a leader in content moderation solutions.

Tips and Tricks: Making Your First Console Game, Pt. II

Article // Oct 25, 2021

Hear from more indie developers about their experiences on making their first console games.

Announcing Azure PlayFab User Generated Content

Article // Oct 21, 2021

Azure PlayFab UGC offers time-saving, battle-tested solutions for hosting an in-game marketplace.

Improving developer inner-loops with C++ Modules

Article // Oct 12, 2021

In this blog we show how to create a small game project, analyze its components, modularize it, and execute.

Tips and Tricks from ID@Xbox: Making Your First Console Game

Article // Oct 6, 2021

Hear from indie developers on their experiences of making some of their very first console games.

Game developers everywhere: welcome to Windows 11!

Article // Oct 4, 2021

Windows 11 was made for gaming, with new features designed to help creators take their creativity to new heights.

Unique Capabilities added by the Simplygon UE4 Plugin

Article // Sep 22, 2021

This blog details what unique capabilities our UE4 plugin has to offer your game production.

Level Up Your Debugging Skills for Unity with Visual Studio

Article // Sep 17, 2021

Here we focus on common Unity troubleshooting scenarios and how you can use Visual Studio to find and fix them.

A part of the Microsoft Game Stack family, Simplygon is for world makers, artists, and creators.

A walk in the park with Poly: Simplygon SDK

Article // Sep 7, 2021

A part of the Microsoft Game Stack family, Simplygon is for world makers, artists, and creators.

(ASan) is a valuable tool for lighting up hard-to-find memory bugs.

Address Sanitizer now available for Xbox Developers

Article // Jul 29, 2021

(ASan) is a valuable tool for lighting up hard-to-find memory bugs.

PlayFab Roadmap Update – July 2021

PlayFab Roadmap Update – July 2021

Article // Jul 27, 2021

Latest roadmap updates for PlayFab.

Meet the Microsoft Game Developer Kit (GDK)

Meet the Microsoft Game Developer Kit (GDK)

Article // Jul 20, 2021

Microsoft Game Development Kits available to all developers today.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The Future of Game Development

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The Future of Game Development

Article // Jul 15, 2021

Cloud-Powered Microsoft Flight Simulator Showcases the Future of Next-Gen Game Development

PlayFab’s PlayStream now powered by Azure

PlayFab’s PlayStream now powered by Azure

Article // Jun 21, 2021

PlayFab’s PlayStream bids farewell to AWS, now powered by Azure

Perforce development tools and services available on Azure

Perforce development tools and services available on Azure

Article // Jun 17, 2021

Game creators now have access to Perforce development tools and services running on Azure

Blizzard Diablo IV debugs Linux core dumps from Visual Studio

Diablo IV debugs Linux core dumps from Visual Studio

Article // Jun 3, 2021

Blizzard Diablo IV debugs Linux core dumps from Visual Studio

Simplygon 9 Free- Integrations, Houdini, UE4, Maya, Max, Unity, Blender

Simplygon Free adds support for Unity, Blender, & Python API

Article // Mar 4, 2021

Simplygon Free adds support for Unity, Blender and Python API

How Minecraft Realms moved compute+storage from AWS to Azure

Article // Mar 1, 2021

How Minecraft Realms moved its compute and storage from AWS to Azure

Nite Team 4 logo

Alice & Smith integrate PlayFab and Twitch API in NT4

Article // Feb 16, 2021

Alice & Smith integrates PlayFab and Twitch API to create shareable, viral missions for NITE Team 4 fans

Complex geometrical image, left side is optimized and the right side is more squished

Comparing Material Casting and Aggregation

Article // Feb 8, 2021

In Simplygon, you have two different options when it comes to transferring materials.

Four character figures on a grey background

What to Think About When it Comes to LOD Transitions

Article // Feb 1, 2021

At Simplygon it has always been one of our priorities, to enable you to use the Simplygon SDK as an automation tool

Unity <3 Microsoft PlayEveryWare

Building Arbitrary Video Game Projects on Azure

Article // Jan 7, 2021

Building Arbitrary Video Game Projects on Azure

What's New in Simplygon 9.1

Article // Dec 17, 2020

In this article we'll walking you through the Simplygon 9.1 updates.

Computer generated gate with yellow outlines

Billboard Cloud Mode: Outer Shell (Simplygon)

Article // Dec 17, 2020

The Billboard mode: Outer shell makes the planes fit to the outer borders of objects

Imposter: Billboard Cloud for Vegetation (Simplygon)

Article // Dec 17, 2020

The goal of the billboard cloud processor is to replace objects in a scene with a view independent set of billboard

Introducing Simplygon's New Unreal Engine Plugin

Article // Dec 17, 2020

With the release of 9.1, we are happy to announce our new Unreal Engine plugin.

Pixel Streaming and the Growth of 3D outside of Gaming

Article // Dec 9, 2020

Project Anywhere, Pixel Streaming, and the Growth of 3D outside Gaming

How Minecraft Realms moved its databases from AWS to Azure

Article // Dec 3, 2020

In this post, we deep dive into how the Realms team moved all its database components to Azure.

Gears of War 5 keyart

The Coalition Sees 27.9X Build Improvement w/ VS 2019

Article // Nov 16, 2020

The Coalition Sees 27.9X Iteration Build Improvement with Visual Studio 2019

Unity logo and ASP.NET logo next to one another

Build for the web with ASP.NET (For Unity developers)

Article // Nov 9, 2020

Learn how to build for the web with your existing C# skills.

New Playfab pricing plan with no monthly minimums

New PlayFab Pricing Plan with No Monthly Minimums

Article // Oct 21, 2020

Today we’re introducing a new Pay-as-you-Go plan for PlayFab which requires no minimum monthly commitment.

Starting today: Save up to 90% using PlayFab Party

Article // Oct 13, 2020

Big news! We are dropping the price of Azure PlayFab Party, significantly reducing barriers for developers

RealmsPlus19 key art

Migrating Minecraft Realms from AWS to Azure

Article // Oct 1, 2020

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog series about the successful migration of Minecraft Realms from AWS to Azure.

Minecraft game image, diamond block infront of player in 1st person with a torch in left hand and stone pick in the right

MineRL sample-efficient reinforcement learning challenge

Article // Sep 10, 2020

MineRL sample-efficient reinforcement learning challenge—back for a second year—benefits organizers

The Art of LiveOps Season 2 Presented by Azure PlayFab

Welcome to Season 2 of The Art of LiveOps

Article // Aug 12, 2020

It’s an exciting time to work in games. The barriers that prevent people from playing together are coming down.

Project triton image

Research Spotlight: Project Acoustics

Article // Aug 10, 2020

The closer you listen as you move about the world, the more detail and nuance you can hear.

The Art of LiveOps presented by Azure PlayFab

The Art of LiveOps Season 1 Recap

Article // Aug 5, 2020

About a year ago we launched a new podcast The Art of LiveOps.

Girl with a machine gun, from a video game

Supercharge games with Azure AI and reinforcement learning

Article // Aug 3, 2020

Azure offers a full range of AI solutions to help you build, run and grow your games.

Master Chief from Halo

What the Future of Gaming Means for Developers

Article // Jul 16, 2020

For those of us in the games industry, we've always understood the incredible power of gaming.

How Project xCloud is helping game developers stay connected

Article // Jul 8, 2020

How Project xCloud is helping game developers stay connected while working from home

cloud 9 logo on a blue background

Esports players gain an edge with Azure and Power BI

Article // Jun 19, 2020

Competitive esports organization Cloud9 fields 14 teams across 12 of the most popular esports.

Creating an online event in times of quarantine — part II

Article // Jun 15, 2020

The cancellation of physical events in 2020 motivated us to come up with a new approach.

woman in front of a computer with a hyper x gaming headset on

Enabling build access from home during COVID-19

Article // Jun 12, 2020

COVID-19 has been challenging for many disciplines, and game development is no exception.

Save Game a game development series Undead Labs Seattle, WA text with image of character

Making diversity a formidable force in State of Decay 2

Article // May 22, 2020

Learn how Undead Labs created an incredibly diverse set of characters to fight the horde.

Minecraft Earth and Azure Cosmos DB part 2

Article // May 20, 2020

This post is part 2 in a series about out how organizations are using Azure Cosmos DB to meet real world needs.

Save Game A Game Development Series Compulsion Montreal Quebec text with image of character

The devs of We Happy Few gave a shock to their own system

Article // May 15, 2020

Discover how the team at Compulsion Games broke the rules of traditional procedural worldbuilding.

Save Game A Development Series Obsidian Irvine California text with image of game scene with moon

Obsidian’s gameplay design kept possibilities endless

Article // May 15, 2020

See how Obsidian pioneered a new design approach resulting in a more balanced experience over the game's full arc.

Save Game a development series Double Fine San Francisco California, text with image of red hand with a thumb pointing up

Double Fine ensures their team’s ideas get a chance to float

Article // May 8, 2020

See how Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight gives voice to the imaginations of the entire studio.

MinecraftEarth hero image. Four teenagers on their phones building a structure in Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth and Azure Cosmos DB part 1

Article // May 6, 2020

This post is part 1 of a two-part series about how organizations use Azure Cosmos DB to meet real world needs.

Porting "Fusion Guards" from GameSparks to PlayFab (Part 2)

Article // May 4, 2020

We are Janeious, an independent game development studio working on our community funded debut title “Fusion Guards”

robots carrying materials builing a field with red and blue tanks on it.

How to Implement Real-time Analytics in Online Games

Article // May 4, 2020

Welcome back to the LiveOps Academy part 4 where we dive into some analytics best practices.

Save Game a game develepment series InXile Newport Beach California, text with image of wasteland 3 characters

inXile wrangles a post-apocalyptic beast with Wasteland 3

Article // May 1, 2020

Learn how inXile pushed the Wasteland series to its most-perfected combat system yet in Wasteland 3.

Porting "Fusion Guards" from GameSparks to PlayFab (Part 1)

Article // May 1, 2020

We are Janeious, an independent game development studio working on our community funded debut title “Fusion Guards”

"Save Game A Development Series Rare Twycross, England" text with image of colonial ship fighting a giant octopus in the ocean

How Rare keeps Sea of Thieves afloat in a sea of feedback

Article // Apr 17, 2020

See how Rare leverages player feedback to make Sea of Thieves even better.