Kaizen Gaming embraces AI to redefine the player experience

Azure helps Kaizen Gaming increase personalization, create a frictionless player experience & improve operations.

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Azure-based environment gives users the power to make games

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Gotcha Gotcha Games is served by a combination of Azure PaaS and containers that provide essential functions.

Nexon goes global with Azure cloud infrastructure

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Today, Nexon is reaping the benefits of high availability, scalability, and agility of the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Edia builds serverless infrastructure to ease workloads

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Using Microsoft Azure, the company made its mobile game infrastructure serverless while aiming to reduce workloads


Gamepub reduces downtime with Azure Database for MySQL

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Gamepub keeps gamers happy by reducing downtime with Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server.


Game Studio Inc. uses Azure to cloudify its development

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Game Studio Inc. uses Microsoft Azure to cloudify its development environment

Phantasy Star Online 2

Azure enables successful global service of PSO 2

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Azure enables successful global service of MMORPG title Phantasy Star Online 2

Samurai Shodown by SNK

SNKʼs popular game series Samurai Shodown converted to PC!

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SNKʼs popular game series Samurai Shodown converted to PC! Azure PlayFab can improve players' game experience

Doom character with planet in the background

DOOM Eternal accelerates online services with PlayFab

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Legendary game studio accelerates online services ambitions with Azure PlayFab

Rogue company game key art

Hi-Rez launches latest Rogue Company game with Azure

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Hi-Rez launches latest Rogue Company game with Azure, confident in scalability, performance

Shadow arena key art, barbarian vs elf archer

Pearl Abyss helps ensure a lag-free game launch with Azure

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Pearl Abyss helps ensure a lag-free game launch for Shadow Arena with Microsoft Azure

Polystream architecture diagram

Polystream creates a new model for interactive spectating

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Polystream creates a new model for interactive in-game spectating with a VM-based streaming platform

Next Games accelerates game development with Azure

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Next Games accelerates game development, scores on-demand scalability with Azure

A spaceship in a battle with an explosion in the middle of the image

Hadean helps CCP Games realize its vision with Azure

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Hadean helps EVE Online developer CCP Games realize its groundbreaking vision with Azure

Japanese company saves time and reduces costs with Azure

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Japanese gaming company KMS launched an original game, Otogi Frontier, in 2017.

Saber interactive logo

Saber Interactive enhances performance and reach with Azure

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Saber Interactive enhances video game performance, capacity, and reach with Microsoft Azure


Gaming company provides streaming for retro games on Azure

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Gamers today can play nostalgic video games from the past, thanks to Antstream Arcade’s online streaming service.

beanfun! logo with colorful cellphones

beanfun! Building an Open Source API Platform

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beanfun! combines Azure & Open Source technologies to simplify development, deployment & integration with partners

Phantasy Star Online 2 logo

Phantasy Star Online 2 expands to North America using Azure

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One of E3 2019's Big Hits - Microsoft Azure x SEGA Games’ Phantasy Star Online 2 Aim to Expand into North America

VR female characters in different outfits with screenshots of a mobile app on three different phone screens.

PlayFab and pixiv get creative with new app

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pixiv Inc. helps over 40 million users with an illustration communication platform

My Country 2020 hero image showing 13 in game characters side by side in front of a city backdrop

Game Insight dynamically scales fun in the cloud

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Game Insight moved their LAMP-stack game from a hosted physical infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

Level Ex creates games for doctors using PlayFab

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Do gamers make better doctors? Level Ex thinks so.

Game scene video of Hitman

IO Interactive builds Hitman series on Azure

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Hitman slays expectations with new delivery model

3 characters from a game scene of Idle Miner Tycoon

Kolibri is transforming its games at a faster tempo

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Analyze 1 billion events a month

Two men in armor behind a riot shield from the game Rainbox Six Seige

Multiplayer servers help Rainbow Six Siege

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Rainbow Six Siege uses Azure to deliver immersive multiplayer games globally