GDC 2022

Discover 3D content optimization with Simplygon

Halo Infinite

Games with 3D content pipelines as vast, complex, and intense as Halo Infinite push the limits and demand robust rendering solutions. AAA games need tools capable of optimizing and rendering vast worlds quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. 343i utilized Simplygon to optimize the massive environments in Halo Infinite to ensure the game renders the world perfectly, while running smoothly at the target frame rate on any platform.


Join our friend Poly for a walk through the many features of Simplygon to see how you can reduce the time and cost of 3D content production.


It’s hard to imagine how we could have built this game without Simplygon. Simplygon allowed us to focus our time and energy on building quality assets and gave us the tools we needed to reduce and optimize our content for our target platforms.


— Kurt Diegert, Environment Technical Art Lead at 343i