GDC 2022

Improving remote work with game production in the cloud with Azure

Rogue Company

Historically, game production had always been a highly centralized activity. Hybrid work put a wrench in that and development teams like Hi-Rez Studios had to pivot. They moved quickly to shift development of post-launch Rogue Company updates to the cloud. Using Perforce and Incredibuild in the cloud, the team was able to reunify the dev process with cloud-powered game production workflows. With Azure, Hi-Rez Studios was able to successfully operate remotely while keeping a tight, fast iteration loop.


Watch this demo to find out how to take your first steps on the journey into cloud production.


Game Info: Rogue Company


The speed and efficiency we gain by having the ability to spin up hardware through automation is a game-changer.


— Matt Smith, Lead Tools Engineer at Hi-Rez Studios