The Xbox Insider Program

Flight your game and get the feedback you need from the audiences you want.

Security at the forefront

Audience selection and expansion at your discretion

Keep it small with just your studio or press and influencers, and then go broad when you’re ready. The audience size for your testing is up to you. Take advantage of our pool of millions of excited gamers, or keep the game locked down to your own team.

We handle token distribution automatically

There’s no need to manually send out codes to grant access to your users, we’ll grant the token automatically to only approved users.

Secure access to approved users

Only users who have been granted access can join. Those who have can simply download and play. Joining your game playtest is a fast and easy process.

Get the feedback you need before you launch

Report a problem

Gamers can submit any issues as they happen, and you get reports including screenshots and the last 30 seconds of video from the time of their report submission.

Easy to deploy surveys

Not sure what to ask to get feedback? Use our ready to use surveys to get sentiment about game satisfaction, game play, and game controls. And they’re all fully localized in all Xbox languages.

The Xbox Insider Hub makes it easy for gamers

Centralized location for your playtests and surveys

A tried and true experience that’s been engineered with accessibility in mind to reach as many gamers as possible

Quick and easy access

Joining your game playtest is an effortless process. In just a few clicks they’re downloading and ready to play.