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At Microsoft, our mission is clear: Bring more games to more gamers by empowering game creators to realize their dreams.  It's an extremely bold mission that we've set forth and we realize it can only be achieved if we work together.  That's why we are launching the Game Stack Ambassador Program, a new program dedicated to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge of game development with the broader community.   If you love game development(and game developers), you're passionate about sharing your experiences to help others and you want to be part of a community of others that feel the same, we want to hear from you! 

We're looking for developers who have deep knowledge of our Microsoft Game Stack products and services while also being able to bring experience in diverse game engines and platforms to solve some of the biggest challenges in the gaming industry.  Game Stack Ambassadors like to be on the "bleeding edge" and are always on a quest to try new, exciting technologies.   Our Game Stack Ambassadors make up a global community of technical experts and community leaders that are driven by their passion, community spirit, and quest for knowledge. Above all, Game Stack Ambassadors are always willing to help others - that's what sets them apart.

We're so excited about building this partnership of vital voices in the game development community. Game Stack Ambassadors will help ensure Microsoft is building the platforms, tools, and services that will solve real-world problems for game developers today and drive innovation for tomorrow.  Come be part of this exciting mission!


What does a Game Stack Ambassador do exactly?

As a Game Stack Ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Microsoft product and engineering teams for insider access around Microsoft's game development platforms, tools, and services. We'll invite you to contribute your ideas and thought leadership on gaming and game development, amplified across Microsoft channels. And you'll have ample opportunity to participate in game development discussions across forums and social media as a Game Stack Ambassador, sharing your knowledge with others.


What should I do to get involved?

All Game Stack Ambassadors go through a nomination process. There's no "one thing" that's best to do to guarantee acceptance into the program. The best path is to show that you're involved, and that you're consistent. Here are some ways you can demonstrate that. Do one, do it all, up to you.


Volunteer with the community

Even in COVID, there are game developer meetups happening all the time! These are great spaces to engage and meet others interested in your local area. Doesn't mean you need to create or lead a group by yourself. Most groups are happy to have others willing to help. Start by talking with organizers. They may need help setting up virtual meetings, working with sponsors, or coordinating speakers.


Try your hand at public speaking

Most MeetUp groups are always seeking speakers for their events. You don't need to be an expert or even a veteran keynote speaker. Just identify game dev topics you're knowledgeable and experienced in as well as projects you are free to discuss as a way to get started. When you reach out, chat with them about your topics. Most are willing to work with you to find something their audience would be interested in.


Write a blog post

Sharing your experience and ideas through blogging is a simple and less intimidating way to get involved in the game development community. Examples of topics include:

  • Answering questions you've had to solve yourself – Did you have to find workaround in Azure that wasn't made clear in the documentation? Other people might feel the same way. Share your experience!
  • Review a new Microsoft tool or service – In the game development community, one of the most important voices is that of your peers. With new services coming out every month, many community members don't get a chance to try them. Dig in and share your initial thoughts!  
  • Share your experience from a project – No project is without learnings, even simple ones. What would you have done differently? What was the key to success?


Engage in discussion across communities and forums

Not everything needs to be an article, helping game developers on Reddit or in game developer forums like Unity, Unreal, Stack Overflow is a great way to support the community. Joining discussions also helps to expand your own knowledge.


Participate in the conversation on social media

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to share your thoughts and learn from each other, whether you're posting helpful links or facilitating conversations.


Make a YouTube video or Podcast

Everyone learns differently, and video has proven to be a powerful way to share your knowledge. For those comfortable in producing videos, creating demos, how-to videos, or even just video blogging about your experience as a game developer is valuable to the community.


Build things you can share

One of the best teachers is rolling your sleeves up and building something. The next best teacher is building something you can share with the community.

This could be a demo, open source project, or sample code built on Azure services. Tools that you use to make building in the cloud easier, that you make available as open source to share with others.

Don't know where to start? Chat with others who may already be doing similar work.


How do you apply?

This program is just getting started. So we're looking for passionate, self-starters who are excited to partner and grow our Game Stack Ambassador community. Application to the program works in two ways:

  1. Nominate someone from the community: Do you know someone who has made a difference in your game development career? A vocal champion for other developers online? Someone who has stepped up as a mentor to you or those around you? Maybe they're a talented engineer? We welcome all nominations from the community.
  2. Nominate yourself: If you're excited about the idea of joining a community of game developers to make a difference, we want to work with you.

Each month, we closely review the nominations that came in to start sleuthing out who our next ambassadors might be! This is a competitive program, and we cannot guarantee everyone will be accepted on their first application.

Applications rounds reopen twice a year, so there will be more opportunities. Using some of the tips from the article and advice from other Community Builders, you can also strengthen your application next time. Your chance of success only ever improves.

There's only one surefire way to know if you'll succeed, and that's to apply.

Every one of us is excited to welcome you! Click here to learn more and become an ambassador today.


LaBrina Loving, Director of Developer Advocacy – Gaming Cloud

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