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Scaling global game servers with Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers

DOOM Eternal

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Check out the global game server hosting and scaling solutions that enabled id Software to reduce overhead and focus on what they do best: making DOOM Eternal a unique experience for gamers all over the world.

See how DOOM Eternal took advantage of top Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Server features to save time and money. Using simplified build creation and hosting features, scaling scenarios, multi-region deployment, and VMs to balance cost and capability, they were able to power DOOM Eternal affordably and on a worldwide scale.

Azure PlayFab gave us the framework to quickly build scalable and performant services that aligned with where we wanted to take online game technology.

 Chris Hays, Lead Services Programmer, id Software

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Solution outcomes

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Automated Latency and QoS Monitoring

A quality of service profile is built for each available region and is used to determine game server allocation, so players get matched to the best, lowest latency servers.

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Worldwide Server Availability

Azure has a multitude of regions for hosting servers, resulting in players being matched to their first-pick server regions quickly and frequently.

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Reduced Cost and Effort

PlayFab offers simple configuration and takes care of the maintenance to keep global multiplayer servers scaling and operating, greatly reducing manual effort and cost.

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