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Enhance Your Productivity with Visual Studio 2022

Psychonauts 2

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During the development of Psychonauts 2, Double Fine focused on innovation, creativity, and storytelling – a strategy that paid off with 60+ industry awards. To help the team move faster, Visual Studio helped reduce the time spent on build iteration.

Watch the demo to learn about the improvements Double Fine found most valuable in Visual Studio 2019 and dive into the features they’re excited about in Visual Studio 2022, from the speedy 64-bit IDE to IntelliCode, and more.

As Tech Director, I switch between many of our game projects throughout the day to compile and review the latest code. The improved project load times and faster link times in Visual Studio 2022 are exciting and will be a welcome improvement to my workflow.

 Chad Dawson, Technical Director at Double Fine

Decorative dot grid and triangles.

Solution outcomes

Raz and his family standing together and staring off into the distance.

Faster Build Iteration Time

Major link time improvements result in decreased build iteration time.

A street level view of the Emergency room entrace to Our Lady of Restraint Neurological Hospital, surrounded by neon lights and palm trees with dice for coconuts.

Stable and Efficient Debugging

Elimination of frequent debugger crashes delivers a streamlined experience.

Donatella doing a one handed hand stand on top of Queepie, Frazie and Dion watch from the background.

Pain Points Alleviated

Much faster and smoother editing experience that reduces design-time inefficiencies in getting to code, starting Visual Studio, and search times.