Code Editing

Achieve more with Microsoft tools regardless of how you prefer to code.

Get efficient and accessible coding done your way

Microsoft tools like Visual Studio IntelliCode, GitHub repos, and DirectX graphical power let you achieve more—regardless of how you prefer to code.

Write code more efficiently

Find functions, methods, properties, and more at the press of a (period) key with IntelliSense in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Get more time to create using autocomplete directly in the editor.

Do more with AI-assisted development

Get an AI-assisted boost to write code with more confidence and speed. Access type recommendations, code inference, formatting suggestions, and suggestions on how to refactor code with IntelliCode (available for C#, C++, Python, Java, and more).

Use the IDE built for your favorite game engines

Whether you’re using Unity, Unreal, Cocos, or another tool, Visual Studio fully integrates into your preferred game engine—so use the IDE with the most power.

Manage cloud resources within your IDE

Use Visual Studio Cloud Explorer to manage your Azure-based cloud resources from within the editor so you can easily connect with them in your game code.