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Identify the Best Growth Strategy for Your Game with Azure PlayFab Live Ops Services

NBA Clash

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When Nifty Games launched NBA Clash on mobile, they needed to find the best engagement strategy that would set them up to successfully release a new Starter Pack. They turned to Azure PlayFab Live Ops Services to help them easily configure and manage experiments to test the content against targeted player segments.

This demo shows how easy it is to configure experiments, monitor in-game events in real time with PlayStream, and use data to make confident decisions about how to grow your game.

PlayFab has made a big difference for us – it has driven measurable efficiencies around our experiment management and analysis. PlayFab continues to improve, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

 Jonathan Bach, Head of Central Product at Nifty Games

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Solution outcomes

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Custom KPIs and Events

Run A/B tests and experiment with variable gameplay experiences through coded or override-based configurations.

A screenshot of the Card Deck in NBA Clash.

Concurrent Player Experiments

Deploy player-targeted experiments concurrently without the risk of interactions to optimize the rollout of new game flows.

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Insightful Engagement Analysis

Make confident, data-driven decisions based on insights into player behavior. Actionable metrics include Sample Ratio Mismatch and Statistical Significance Indicator.