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Improving remote work with game production in the cloud with Azure

Rogue Company

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Historically, game production had always been a highly centralized activity. Hybrid work put a wrench in that and development teams like Hi-Rez Studios had to pivot. They moved quickly to shift development of post-launch Rogue Company updates to the cloud. Using Perforce and Incredibuild in the cloud, the team was able to reunify the dev process with cloud-powered game production workflows. With Azure, Hi-Rez Studios was able to successfully operate remotely while keeping a tight, fast iteration loop.

Watch this demo to find out how to take your first steps on the journey into cloud production.

The speed and efficiency we gain by having the ability to spin up hardware through automation is a game-changer.

 Matt Smith, Lead Tools Engineer at Hi-Rez Studios

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Solution outcomes

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Cloud Migration at Your Pace

Control when and which pieces of your production pipeline migrate to the cloud based on your studio’s individual needs. Move a single process, incrementally retool your pipeline, or fully migrate to the cloud.

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High Performance Remote Work

Low latency VMs on Azure’s global network allow your team to work anywhere, with the same build speed you would get in the office.

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Rapid Build Iteration

Azure hosted build pipelines reduce iteration time so you can quickly find and fix failures for even the largest game builds.

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