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My current focus is High Scale, Big Data and Distributed Systems.

Previously Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Research. Having worked in roles from a Software Engineer to Solutions Architect, I have more than 10 years of professional experience and have done engineering within numerous technological streams, consisting of Big Data, Distributed Systems, Deployment and Machine Learning. Programming in .NET C#/F#, Java/Scala, Python, Bash + lots of frameworks for each stack. Designed and implemented large-scale, performant, distributed cloud-native architecture (e.g. with Hadoop, Kubernetes, MBrace, etc.), big data, deployments (containers, Terraform, Packer, etc.), functional programming and machine learning, delivering low latencies, high throughput and efficient data processing

I love interesting conferences and exchange of experience related to distributed systems, big data, cloud, functional programming, machine learning and similar topics!


  • .NET Fringe 2018
  • ML4ALL conference
  • A few more events coming soon!

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