Alena Hall

High Scale / Big Data



Senior Cloud Developer Advocate focusing on High Scale, Big Data, Distributed Systems and adjacent areas like Machine Learning and Data Science.

Previously Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Research. Having worked in roles from a Software Engineer to Solutions Architect, I have more than 10 years of professional experience and have done engineering within numerous technological streams, consisting of Big Data, Distributed Systems, Deployment and Machine Learning. Programming in .NET C#/F#, Java/Scala, Python, Bash + lots of frameworks for each stack. Designed and implemented large-scale, performant, distributed cloud-native architecture (e.g. with Hadoop, Kubernetes, MBrace, etc.), big data, deployments (containers, Terraform, Packer, etc.), functional programming and machine learning, delivering low latencies, high throughput and efficient data processing.

I love interesting conferences and exchange of experience related to distributed systems, big data, cloud, functional programming, machine learning and similar topics!


  • High Scale
  • Big Data


  • .NET Fringe 2018
  • ML4ALL conference
  • A few more events coming soon!

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