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Better together: Microsoft + NVIDIA

Together Microsoft and NVIDIA provide developers and data scientists with the toolsets needed to reduce complexity, accelerate time to deployment, and scale faster.

photo of satya nadella and jensen huang
Our collaboration with NVIDIA spans every layer of the Copilot stack — from silicon to software — as we innovate together for this new age of AI. With Generative AI foundry service on Microsoft Azure, we're providing new capabilities for enterprises and startups to build and deploy AI applications on our cloud.

Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft

AI is transforming our daily lives — opening up a world of new opportunities. Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we're building a future that unlocks the promise of AI for customers, helping them deliver innovative solutions to the world.

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA


Join Microsoft + NVIDIA to transform your AI applications

Learn how to unlock the full potential of generative AI for your applications by harnessing the power of PHI-3 models with NVIDIA AI and deploy them to Azure.

Build the future on the Copilot development stack 

Achieve more and unlock possibilities with pioneering generative AI, trusted developer tools, and global scale.

Innovate with trust

Microsoft, in collaboration with NVIDIA, empowers cross-functional teams to develop AI applications securely through built-in tools and templates, integrating responsible AI in open-source, MLOps, and generative AI workflows.

Deliver more trustworthy applications by using enterprise-grade privacy, security, and compliance capabilities co-developed by experts from Microsoft and NVIDIA in research, policy, and engineering for the era of AI.