Ayşegül Yönet

Cognitive Services / Mixed Reality / HoloLens / JavaScript / WebXR



Aysegul is a Senior Azure Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft and focuses on Azure Cognitive Services, AI, Spatial Computing, Mixed Reality, and Data Visualization. She is a co-chair of W3C Immersive Web Working Group and Community Group and a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. She co-hosts of San Francisco WebXR Meetup and enjoys teaching at a variety of non-profit organizations aiming to increase diversity in the software industry. She is the co-founder of Code4Good, an organization with the vision of helping people to contribute to open source. Previously she led Women Who Code meetups, Girl Develop It and Black Girls Code workshops and was a CTO at AnnieCannons, a bootcamp dedicated to teaching tech skills to human trafficking survivors. Lately she enjoys creating tutorials for YouTube AysSomething Channel and Youtube WebXR Channel.


  • Cognitive Services
  • Mixed Reality
  • HoloLens
  • JavaScript
  • WebXR
  • Unity3D
  • Data Visualization
  • Cats