Bernd Verst

Linux & Cloud Native / Python / Backend & Storage Systems



From government cloud architecture to machine learning startups and social media companies my background spans a variety of industries and techologies. I have always had one foot deep into the technology and one foot into all ancillary non-technical discplines. I enjoy creating great developer experiences for new engineers and students. On the Academic Advocacy subteam I focus on Microsoft's Hackathon strategy and co-lead the Healthcare Social Impact League of the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program.

Outside of work I enjoy running (half marathons and training for a Boston marathon qualification), playing jazz piano, learning guitar, studying Chinese Mandarin, and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. I'm passionate about mentoring students and those early in their careers to help them land their feet in the tech industry.


  • Python
  • Linux / WSL2
  • Storage & API backend architecture (from PostgreSQL to Cassandra, Serverless to Kubernetes)

Selected projects

  • Kubeflow - I am a contributor to the Tensorflow on Kubernetes OSS project, maintaining the Azure releases
  • Microsoft Learn TV - I co-created the first iteration of this video streaming platform
  • Outlook vitually categorized - A tool for easily applying some advanced productivity settings to our O365 account