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Brandon Minnick


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Mobile app developer, Florida Gator, World Traveler!

I love mobile and have been creating iOS, Android and UWP Apps since joining Xamarin in 2015!

My journey to becoming a mobile app developer started with a Computer Hardware Engineering degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). This is when I fell in love with writing code, albeit I was designing microprocessors not mobile apps, yet!

My career continued to evolve, designing end-to-end satellite network architectures for Harris Corporation. It was during this period that my passions realigned as I took weekend classes and completed the Professional MBA Program at University of Florida. Go Gators, again!

I saw mobile becoming the wave of the future, so I moved across the country to join Xamarin and be a part of the mobile revolution!

My wife, Kim, and I love to travel any chance we get! We like to balance between relaxing on sunny beaches and hiking/exploring exciting places.

In my free time I love running, swimming, water polo and snow skiing.


  • Xamarin
    • Xamarin.Forms
    • Xamrain.iOS
    • Xamarin.Android
  • C# / .NET
  • Azure
    • Functions
    • App Services
    • CosmosDb
    • SQL Database
    • APIs

Code, talks, and stuff

  • Xamarin Dev Days Live - Ch9 Video, Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
  • FaceOff - An iOS, Android and UWP app created in Xamarin.Forms that uses Microsoft's Cognitive Emotion API Services to compare facial expressions
  • EntryCustomReturnPlugin - Xamarin.Forms Plugin to customize the Xamarin.Forms.Entry Keyboard Return Button