Erik St. Martin




I have a passion for building high-scale distributed systems with unique challenging problems.

I spent a lot of my early career as a Web Developer at Disney working on their e-commerce platforms in Java and their own internal language and spent the rest of my career moving further and further down the stack as my interests in deeply technical topics, systems programming and distributed computing became a passion. After that, I did a several year stint working for startups building high-scale distributed systems for things like fraud detection, mostly in Ruby and the Go programming language. I've also worked at places like Comcast working on Kubernetes, Docker and distributed, fault-tolerant systems to stream cable video to millions of people across the country.

Outside of engineering roles, I've been very passionate about helping educate and build communities around the Go programming language, Kubernetes and Docker. I've contributed to all of these projects, co-authored Go in Action, co-host a podcast about Go and co-organize GopherCon, an annual conference for the Go programming language.

In my downtime I'm very interested in information security, and teaching myself linux internals, assembly, embedded programming and electronics.


  • Linux
  • Containers / Kubernetes
  • Distributed Systems
  • Go
  • Open Source