Jeramiah Dooley

Operations / Platforms



I have worked in almost every technical capacity, from network engineering, to systems design, to pre-sales engineering to product management to service delivery to product development, and I have loved all of it. I have worked for large, global companies, and have the frequent flyer miles to show for it. I have worked for small, local companies and have the relationships to show for it. I have worked for crazy start-ups and have the scars to show for it. Each have had their own challenges and charms, but the people I've gotten the opportunity to work with have always been the best part. I hate being bored, and I hate predictability. I love meeting new people, simplifying difficult concepts, looking around corners, and seeing that moment when everything falls into place. I believe the best hardware is boring, the best software is being continually made better and the best projects are those that combine a great idea with incredible people. I've always been looking for what's next, and with Azure I think I've finally found it.


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