Jeremy Likness





I've always had a passion for computers. I was left home alone when my parents had to work when I was seven, and because we didn't own any games for our TI-99/4A I did what I imagine any other kid would have done: I cracked open the manual and keyed in a BASIC program that made a little icon dance. From that point I was hooked, moving from that to machine language on a Commodore 64 and on to languages like Fortran, COBOL, Pascal, RPG/ILE, C, C++, and the rest was history. For the past 25 years I've been building enterprise applications, the first half of my career on the product side (for example, I was the third employee at AirWatch back when it was called Wandering WiFi because we started out as a hotspot provider before doing mobile device management) and the last half as a consultant working for Wintellect and more recently iVision. I've managed teams my entire career and one of my first published articles was in a magazine called News/400 about managing teams in 1998.

My family has a passion for the outdoors. I do a lot of hiking and have done some section hikes on the Appalachian trail with my daughter. As a family, we summited our first "14er" last summer (Mt. Sherman in Colorado) and then my daughter and I hiked a half marathon up Pike's Peak. We are a vegan family and have been on a 99.99% plant-based diet for three years now. I've always loved the game of pool and shoot a competitive nine-ball and one pocket game. I read fantasy and science fiction.


  • Azure serverless (Functions, Event Grid, Logic Apps)
  • Azure CosmosDB
  • Docker
  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • Node.js
  • SQL Server
  • TypeScript

My Projects and Presentations