Powering games with data and analytics using Azure PlayFab Data Platform

Forza Horizon 5

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Playground Games and Turn 10 are deeply committed delighting fans of Forza Horizon 5. To best understand player behavior, the teams leverage the Azure PlayFab Data Platform -- a cost-efficient solution that allows studios to run integrated, self-service custom analytics for optimized performance.

Watch the demo for a deep dive into how this was done and learn how you can do the same for your game.

We love how PlayFab fully manages our data ingestion into Azure Data Lake so our engineers can focus on making the game better for our players rather than managing the pipeline.

 Satya Bobba, Senior Software Engineer at Turn 10

Decorative dot grid and triangles.

Solution outcomes

A street level view of cars racing in Horizon Festival Mexico with three hot air balloons in the sky above.

Real-time Event Processing

Take advantage of real-time actions using standard or custom events with PlayFab PlayStream.

An under the hood view of the Ford De Luxe engine.

Flexible Integration with Events of Your Choice

Optimize performance and cost by being in control of which events to ingest and their rate of ingestion.

Off road vehicles driving down rocky terrain towards a beach.

Expand on Existing Solutions

Cater to real life use-cases and open new avenues of integration between PlayFab and pre-existing analytics solutions.