Inclusive Listening Systems

Product Inclusion Action - Inclusive Listening Systems

Ensure that you are listening to all potential players by proactively seeking out new channels, investigating your player demographics, and amplifying the voices of the customers you want to reach but haven’t yet. 

Customer Challenge

Players and creators who aren't a part of majority groups or cultures might find themselves outside of your normal listening system or feedback channels. 

Business Impact

  • 38% of players in the broader market don't feel well-represented in video games they've played.

  • 60% of X (formerly known as Twitter) users report they are gamers, totaling roughly 200 million users. However, compared to the global gaming population of 3 billion, X’s gamers represent only 6% of the entire gaming community.

​​​​​​​References: ​​​​​​​Newzoo 2020 D&I Report, Newzoo 2023 Global Gamer Study X 2024 Marketing Report 

Questions to Consider

  • What are your current listening systems or feedback channels today?

  • Which player voices are captured in your listening systems & feedback channels? 

    • Are some groups overrepresented and if so, who? 
    • Are some groups underrepresented and if so, who?
  • Are your listening systems inclusive of people with deferent levels of skill, age or experience? 

  • Are your listening systems inclusive of people with different cultural, gender and sexual orientation?

  • Are your listening systems inclusive of people from different markets around the world and who speak different languages? 

  • Are your listening systems inclusive of people with different abilities? 

Steps to Achieve It

1. Set Goals for what you want to achieve & share them with your project stakeholders

  • Do planning at the start of projects to identify your listening system & feedback channels. 

  • Review what players you want to ensure have voice in your listening systems and your plans to ensure their presence. 

2. Identify & Utilize resources to help drive success

  • Use G4E's four Inclusive Growth doorways to identify different ways to look at your data (e.g. Data viewed through the Approachability doorway would let you look your data based on a user's skill, experience level or age) 

  • Ensure that you are including players who might experience more toxicity and harassment in your feedback channels, helping to ensure that your designs help safeguard our most vulnerable players.

3. Collect & Share feedback with your teams helping to deliver player centered inclusive designs