I feel welcome.

Approachability - I feel welcome.

Create a product experience where customers feel welcome.

What this means:

We create products with more entryways and less offramps. ​​​​​

  • We create entryways to new experiences for new and existing players and creators. 
  • We address unintentional offramps that create barriers to engagement. 
  • We design intentional offramps when a topic, level of challenge, or social interaction does not meet the needs of the player. 
  • We ensure no dead ends by opening seamless pathways to play throughout the ecosystem.
Graphic showing that 91% of Game Pass users have tried a new game in Game Pass that they otherwise wouldn’t have tried without the subscription.

Source: 2021 Microsoft Internal Survey

Getting Started with Approachability

How can you design your product experience so that net new customers feel welcome?

​​​​​​​Questions to consider:

  • What are the major knowledge gaps for new customers and how do you solve to make it a great experience?
  • Where do customers commonly churn today and what do they need to stay engaged? How does this change during different parts of the customer lifecycle or by user group?
  • What off-ramps are built into the product experience that will allow a customer to opt-out of an experience without negative consequences? Are these off-ramps easily discovered by customers?
  • Where can you allow customers to customize their experience to allow for greater diversity in interests and behavior?
  • Players have more demands for their time than ever before. How are you thinking about their time investment in the game and how do you provide players with entryways and offramps to each gaming session?
  • Do you have a process to review key decisions with the lens of more entryways, less unintentional off-ramps?
  • How are you stripping away the need for familiarity, so people just feel welcome right when they first experience your product?

Metrics: Measuring Progress

The metrics below are meant to help jumpstart thinking about how a team might measure inclusion for Approachability. Think of it as an example and go beyond it to find the metrics that work best for your project. Engage Data Science and User Research teams to see what data is available to you. If the data you need doesn’t exist yet, it’s a prime opportunity to start tracking it and understand how to open a door to Approachability!

  • New User Retention Rate: Measures how many new users continue to use the product after initial adoption. This indicates the product's initial appeal and usability for novices.
  • Engagement: Measure the quality and quantity of time spent by the user on the platform. Indicates user ability to approach and continue to engage in the eco-system.
  • Customer Service Satisfaction: Surveys or metrics from customer service interactions to gauge if users feel supported. Reflects the quality and approachability of customer support.
  • Trust and Safety Incident Reports: Quantify incidents that breach trust or safety, aiming for a reduction. Reflects how safety and trust are built into the system.
  • User Churn: Measure the number of users who exit the platform. Indicates of user inability to approach or continue to engage in the eco-system & indicator of dissatisfaction with features in the eco-system for existing users.
  • Regional/Market Views on Metrics: Looking at your other metrics (such as New User Retention or Engagement) with a regional or market view might help reveal disparities in your experience. Look at what metrics are most important to you across all doorways and then add that globalization lens.

Product Inclusion Examples