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At Xbox our mission is to bring the joy and the community of gaming to the billions of gamers on the planet. To do that, we’re on a journey to make Product Inclusion an intentional part of Team Xbox.

In 2019, we realized the need to create common language and understanding around this work. So, we invented the “Product Inclusion Framework” to focus on four key areas, which we call the Inclusive Growth Doorways. If you want to learn how you can join us on this journey, watch our video to learn more and explore the resources below.

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The Product Inclusion Framework is organized by
four Inclusive Growth Doorways to create focus and maximize impact.

These are Approachability, Representation, Globalization, and Accessibility.
Click below for more information on each.

Gaming for Everyone's 10 Product Inclusion Actions

The 10 Product Inclusion Actions guide individuals and teams to take tangible steps toward delivering inclusive growth. Each action aligns to a specific Inclusive Growth Doorway, with two spanning across all.

Click on the image above to view G4E's 10 Product Inclusion Actions.

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