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MSAL essentials: Simplify your authentication journey

Easily integrate modern authentication and authorization into your apps using the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).


MSAL is intuitive and straightforward to set up, making it easy for developers of all skill levels to implement robust authentication in their applications.


MSAL accommodates a wide range of authentication scenarios, allowing for customized solutions that fit your requirements.


MSAL is designed for compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with various programming languages and platforms, ensuring smooth interaction across different environments.

Protect and monitor

Easily code against digital threats: Protection and Monitoring with Microsoft Entra ID.


Apply the right access controls to networks and applications, based on specific conditions and user scenarios.


Secure your organization by identifying and remediating against identity-based risks in real time.


Manage and secure user identities and access rights. Ensure compliance and reduce risk through streamlined, access-lifecycle management and policy enforcement.


Use identity and access management insights and analytics to help ensure the health and security of your identity infrastructure.

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