Empower users with decentralized, verifiable credentials

Grant users unmatched control over their personal data with Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Universally recognizable DIDs built on open standards.

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Enhance security and privacy by giving users control over their personal identity information

What can I use Verified IDs for?

Verified IDs can help reduce fraud, enhance privacy, and streamline the identity verification process.

User onboarding

Build user trust and loyalty by transforming the user onboarding process into a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience.

Employee verification

Reduce administrative overhead and resources by simplifying and streamlining employee verification processes, such as setting up a place of work verification on LinkedIn, using Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

Face verification

Enhance security and privacy while reducing the risk of fraud by integrating Verified IDs into face verification systems—offering a robust method for confirming an individual's identity

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Dive in and start learning about how to use Microsoft Entra Verified ID with code samples and guides.


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