Deliver Custom & Personalized Experiences

Product Inclusion Action - Deliver Custom & Personalized Experiences

Giving players the power of adapting an experience to their preferences opens up your product to more types of customers than you may be able to design for in entirely curated experiences.

Customer Challenge

Generic experiences can feel sterile for a player. Having the ability to customize experiences lets players feel a deeper level of connection and showcases their uniqueness.  

Business Impact

  • Platforms have seen tremendous engagement and monetization wins when implementing personalization models or the ability for users to customize their experiences.
  • 75% of buyers expect the companies they buy from to provide personalized experiences
  • 57% online buyers are happy to exchange personal data in return for personalized offers or discounts
  • 54% of Gen Z consumers expect brands to always personalize offers compared to 63% of Millennials.
  • 1 in 4 members of the Gen Z & Gen Alpha consumer population think of themselves as creators. (28% view YouTube streaming as potential career)

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Questions to Consider

  • How does identify manifest within your experience and do you allow players a way to feel ownership and create something that resonates for them personally? 
  • Do you have experiences where allowing for player customization/greater choice would yield stronger outcomes and connection for players? 
  • Do you have data or research highlighting key player asks around customization? 
  • Where could you surprise and delight players with an opportunity to customize? 
  • Where would allowing a user to customize/personalize the content/process they are navigating yield higher business KPIs such as engagement or revenue? 
  • When personalizing an experience for users are you using a model that accounts for differences in preferences around the world or takes into account which content is localized into languages for which users? 

Steps to Achieve It

1.  Set Goals for what you want to achieve & share them with your project stakeholders.

  • Do planning at the start of projects to identify opportunities & obstacles. 
  • Go through the 10 Product Inclusion actions to bring intentionality into your designs.

2.  Identify & Utilize resources to help drive success.

  • Leverage Inclusive Listening systems to collect feedback on which settings are most valuable for different identities. 

3.  Create & release experiences that allow players to customize their experiences and deliver reach personalization. ​​​​​​​