Share Inclusive Features in Product & Marketing

Product Inclusion Action - Share Inclusive Features in Product & Marketing

Ensure accessibility features are surfaced to all players early or at the start of your experience. Include clarity on what features you offer in channels outside your product to welcome new players in.

Customer Challenge

People in the disability community often struggle to identify which accessibility features are included within a game or experience and if the implementation will meet their needs. This is especially challenging as players want to ensure they are investing in games that they will be able to play. 

Accessibility features are not yet a standard expectation. Features and settings that are buried in menus and options often result in players not being aware of their existence, resulting in underutilization.

Business Impact

  • 25-30% of Xbox Gamers identify as having a disability.
  • 10% of Xbox Gamers report that they have a disability that impacts their gaming experience.
  • When we share about our products, we want our customers to take action. But if we haven't included Accessibility information in our messaging, we aren't giving customers the information they need to engage. 

References: Xbox Research Synthesis 2020 & Xbox Accessibility Survey: Gaming Habits & Preferences (Q3 FY20)

Graphic showing that ~20% of players across the globe are players with disabilities.

Source: 2022 State of Accessibility in Gaming​

Questions to Consider

Share inclusive features in product: 

  • What are the key options in your experience that could help a customer be successful?
  • Are you exposing accessibility features by turning them on by default or surfacing them during the starting flow sequence?

  • Are there any features that should be highlighted in the initial tutorial or loading screens? 
  • If a player is struggling in your experience, would it make sense to prompt them about using any features or settings?
  • How do you communicate to users about what a feature does and how it might support them? 
  • Do you have telemetry to track which features and settings are used? 
  • Did you include players with disabilities in your design process so that the features are easily found? 
  • Have you tagged your experience with the Accessibly Feature Tags so that customers can see what features you support in the store? 

Sharing your features in marketing: 

  • Have you identified key influencers within the disability community to engage?
  • Do you have a product page that will communicate what accessibility features are available to players or users? 
  • When talking about accessibility features, are you providing rich details that make a difference to players with a disability? For instance, instead of listing subtitles alone, add that subtitles can be resized and support color choices?
  • Are you doing livestreams or trailers of your accessibility features? 
  • Are you planning to release a trailer of your game with audio descriptions? 
  • Are you making your accessibility features known on social media or through marketing campaigns?
  • Are you ensuring that accessibility is part of all key marketing communications for your product? 

Steps to Achieve It

1.  Set Goals for what you want to achieve & share them with your project members

2.  Discuss Accessibility features across the UI, Community, Marketing and PR teams and discuss how you can surface up this information in your product and storytelling.

3.  Surface up your features in your product

  • Review your list of accessibility & inclusion features and discuss what will be on by default (such as subtitles) or how users will know about the features to turn them on.
  • Identify in-game and community surface areas where you can surface up settings and option information.
  • Tag your product with the Accessibility Feature Tags to ensure your features appear on the store.
  • Implement telemetry to track accessibility and approachability feature usage and review at key intervals to discuss opportunities, such as moving a setting to be on by default due to high usage.

4.  Surface up your features in your Marketing & PR

  • Ensure that all of your marketing and storytelling media is accessible.
  • Understand the product's accessibility features and include these in your storytelling moments.
  • Ensure the key product reveal and information sharing moments before release include accessibility information
  • Release a dedicated accessibility features video or host a Twitch stream with captions (ideally pre-release).
  • Have a dedicated place on your experience website where users can find out about accessibility features.