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Develop safer and smarter apps for a connected world with Microsoft identity platform

Explore developer resources for Microsoft Entra identity and access products to learn how to secure access for everyone and everything.

Microsoft Entra featured solutions

Secure multicloud access for your employees and partners

Protect access to your organization's resources and data using strong authentication and real-time, risk-based adaptive access policies with Microsoft Entra ID.

Simplify your customer identity and access management

Customize and control how your customers sign up, sign in, and manage their profiles when using your applications with Microsoft Entra ID for customers (preview).

Manage permissions of all identities across all major cloud platforms

Get cross-cloud comprehensive visibility and control over permissions for any identity and any resource in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Microsoft Entra Permissions Management.

Secure interactions for a connected world through decentralized identity

Issue and accept verifiable credentials using Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Uusers can store and manage IDs in a digital wallet on their device and use for attestation of personal information and credentials with any organization.

Manage and protect all your apps and services to secure access for a connected world

Manage identities for services and secure their access to resources using Microsoft Entra Workload Identities.

Create powerful productivity apps

Connect to Microsoft Graph and build apps, services, or workflows for Microsoft 365 organizations and consumers. Build on a platform that gives you access to powerful data and functionality through a single endpoint. Streamline new user onboarding, assign managers, grant permissions to documents, add users to roles, and more.

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