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Information and guidance for creating games on Windows 10 is just a click away. From the basics of creating a Windows 10 app on the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to the details of immutable pipeline state objects in DirectX 12, these guides give you the information you need to develop great games on Windows 10.

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The complete library of overviews and in-depth API information for Windows 10 development is available here. Take a deep dive, search for APIs, or browse through technologies you’re interested in.

DirectX 12

DirectX includes a wide range of graphics and game programming interfaces including Direct3D 12, Direct3D 11, Direct2D, DirectWrite, DXGI, HLSL, and DirectXMath. Direct3D 12 introduces new graphics performance features like command lists, bundles, descriptors, fences, and pipeline state objects. Learn about all the DirectX concepts and features that will take your graphics to the next level.

Unity 5

DirectX 12 is coming to Unity 5! Unity 5 will support DirectX 12, bringing the performance and efficiency of Direct3D 12 to the Unity development platform. Reap the benefits of the graphics pipeline designed from the ground up to fully utilize multiple cores and modern graphics hardware. With Unity 5 and DirectX 12 you can expect increased frame rates, increased battery life, and positively stunning graphics.

Unity 5 is the next generation of the award-winning development platform for creating 2D and 3D games and interactive experiences. Unity 5 brings you awesome new artistic power, enhanced graphics capabilities, and improved efficiency.


Game development technologies

The Guide to Game Development Technologies for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) describes the technologies available for developing UWP games.

DirectX 12 developer blog

Get the latest DirectX 12 news and developer information directly from the development team.

“Our mission in the DirectX team is to provide the best graphics API in the world and have it work on as many graphics cards as possible.”

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Get training to help you create the next hit game. Courses cover tools and skills that will get you started building games today.

Developing Games on Windows 10

The Windows 10 universal app platform is designed to enable game developers to create high performance games that can target the broadest range of devices with a single code base. Whether you're planning the next AAA blockbuster, or building a mobile mini-game in your basement, Windows provides the flexibility and power that you need. This session introduces Microsoft's latest game development tools, platform, services and ecosystem. Watch demonstrations and learn best practices and proven usage patterns that leverage DirectX and the WinRT APIs to target the Xbox and Windows ecosystem of devices.

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Get started

Download, tools, and information you need to start developing your Windows 10 game.

UI Design

User interface basics, design principles, layout guidelines, templates, and more.


Programs and partnerships to help you publish your game in the Windows Store, for phone, PC, and Xbox One.

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