Get started developing Windows 10 games

Here's what you need to begin:

Get ready to develop

To start developing on Windows 10, get the developer tools and information you need to set up your development environment. With Windows 10 and Microsoft Visual Studio, you’ll soon be on the path to game development.

Learn about the Universal Windows Platform

The new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) delivers compatibility for your game across Windows 10 devices. The platform provides a common API for phone, PC, and Xbox One, along with tools and options to tailor your game to each device experience.

Choose a technology

There are several programming languages and presentation technologies available for developing Windows 10 games. The choice you make may depend on the game you’re developing or your studio’s own preference and experience. Will you use C#, C++, or JavaScript? DirectX, XAML, or HTML5? Or maybe you want to mix it up a bit. Get help making the choice that’s right for you and your game.

Get the samples

Get the Windows 10 feature samples to see real code in action and try out some of the new features in Windows 10.

Create a developer account

To create a developer account for your game, go to the Windows Dev Center dashboard. In the dashboard you can:

  • Register as a game developer
  • Submit your game to the Windows Store
  • Manage and track your game's publishing and certification status
  • Promote and distribute your game worldwide
Visit the developer forums

The Windows Dev Center developer forums are a great place to be a part of the community discussion, ask and answer questions, and get help across a wide range of development issues. Choose between Windows apps, which run on the new Universal Windows Platform, and Windows desktop applications, which use traditional desktop interfaces like the native Windows API.

Gaming consumer experience on Windows 10

Gaming is a key area of focus for Windows 10 — especially PC gaming. Create Windows 10 gaming experiences that maximize exposure in the Windows Store and provide mechanisms for users to discover, download, play, and re-engage with your game. Understand how Windows 10 helps drive engagement using live tiles and notifications. Learn about the gaming experiences and Xbox Live social engagements made possible through the Game bar and the Xbox app on the PC.

Watch this GDC 2015 development talk


The ID@Xbox program helps qualified game developers self-publish on Windows and Xbox One. If you want to develop for Xbox One or add the power and excitement of Xbox Live—Gamerscore, cross-device multiplayer, achievements, leaderboards, and more—to your Windows 10 game, sign up now with ID@Xbox. Become an ID@Xbox developer to get the tools and support you need to unleash your creativity and maximize your success.

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What's next

UI Design

User interface basics, design principles, layout guidelines, templates, and more.


A full library of documentation and technical information for Windows 10 development.


Programs and partnerships to help you publish your game in the Windows Store, for phone, PC, and Xbox One.

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