PlayFab Dev Forums Move to Discord

PlayFab Dev Forum is moving from to Discord to create an even more vibrant and helpful space for developers using PlayFab.

May 24, 2024
PlayFab Dev Forum Hero image

We are excited to announce that, starting July 1st, PlayFab will be transitioning its developer forum from to Discord.

Discord has become a popular hub for gamers and developers alike. It is a place where ideas collide, communities thrive, and discussion flourishes. By moving the developer forum to Discord, we aim to leverage the existing and growing Microsoft Game Dev community already in Discord to create an even more vibrant and helpful space for those of you building and operating your games with PlayFab.

The Discord structure will not change much from how it looks now. PlayFab will continue to have its own Category called “PlayFab” within the Microsoft Game Dev server. The PlayFab category will coexist alongside the Microsoft Game Dev channels, including community and collaboration channels accessible to all server members.

While we encourage you to use the PlayFab category for PlayFab-specific discussion, you are more than welcome to introduce yourself, chat, and collaborate with fellow game devs across all channels on the server. The “support” channel in the “PlayFab” category will have a similar Q&A board structure to the current forum.

Joining the PlayFab community on Discord is easy! Simply follow this link to accept a Discord invite from Microsoft Game Dev. If you don’t have a Discord account yet, you can create one. Starting June 26, “Forums” links on will redirect you to Discord, and soon after the current forum will be taken down.

We can’t wait to see you there!